Zero to Hero CH5

Day Five in the Zero to Hero challenge already? Boy this is going really… S-L-O-W!!! Like seriously… I feel like I’ve done 2 months worth. Let’s just get on with it shall we…

Day 5: Love Your Theme

Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you have. Include at least one you would never think of using.

Trying and testing themes? Do you think you’ll get me to dabble in that again?

Believe it or not… I’ve tried and tested each and every free theme available in Word Press. I kid you not. I’ve been trying to figure out what will suit my blog the best and the design of my site is very important to me. I take it seriously.

I honestly do.

Initially I liked to look of the Adelle theme but Expound I believe is what fits my blog the best.

Could it be better?

Hell yeah it could. There are aspects of different blogs that I like but there is no way to put them all together without forking out for an upgrade of a package and to be honest, I don’t really have that kind of money to spare. I’m blogging on a budget here and that budget is a big fat zero at the moment. Purchasing a domain was all I was willing to pay for… and that too was shared out between me and Detective Loki, my partner in crime blogging.

Moving onto the theme and design of my blog, I designed it myself through trial and improvement.

For the background I picked one image after the other. I finally found one that I liked and then I did some editing. Of course the image was taken from a lad on deviant-art and most obviously, his permission was requested and granted upon the request.

The header was also designed by yours truly. The fonts were downloaded from and the software used is one known as PhotoImpact X3. I have previous experience of using it although I wouldn’t say I’m a graphic designer but I am handy enough to do bits and bats without having to ask people favours. Which I’ll be honest, I did used to do just that. Had a friend or two who had mad skills in graphic design. Mad skill I tell you!

I know this wasn’t exactly the task of the day but I did it my way once again… I’m not as motivated to do this was I was, hence the poor effort and being almost 24 hours late but I did it anyways. Now on to the next one…