Fairy Tail Chapter 366

A Thousand Souls

With ‘Nakama’tsu having broken into the Demon Layer, things were bound to get somewhat crazy… And they did!

Franmouth, the roundest of the Tartaros Demons, confronts Natsu about the damage he has caused.

And rightly so… There was no need to damage the building… Nah, I’m just kidding. The bastards deserve it. How dare they hurt our Fairies!

Yeah… I’m still not over that!!!

So Franmouth decides that Natsu must be punished and he gets dealt with quite a few attacks. However, this round bastard seems to have high endurance. He can take a hit. And he even gets Natsu with some weird tagging curse which drains strength. He also has a stretching ability much like Mr Fantastic and our beloved, Monkey D. Luffy.

He talks about the cost of Natsu’s sins and how many souls it will cost. At first its at 1000 and then he gets punched again and it rises to 2000. Happy gets involved in the fight as well to give Natsu the advantage.

Kyouka (The Freiza lookalike Demon) leaves torturing Erza to see what the fuss is all about… but we don’t see her make it to Natsu in this chapter. Maybe next time love.

Gray and Juvia are on horse-back… except its not a horse but some kind of leopard/horse hybrid… I think I’ll call it a “horpard”They seem to be worried.

Next thing you know, the badass Silver appears. He tells Franmouth to leave with the ex-Chairman who is still knocked out.

What happens next is a little alarming! Very alarming in fact.

There is a little banter between the two at first about the Freezing and Thawing out the Sun Village.

Silver actually seems pleasant as he mentions it was a mistake and thanks Natsu. This is well weird but then Natsu mentions something…

He claims Silver smells like Gray!!! And Silver immediately freezes him on the spot. His smile disappears and he looks angry all of sudden.

Why did Gray’s name affect him so much?

What is it about Gray and Silver?

I think they’re linked in some way… Could Silver be Grey from the future? Or perhaps a relative... Brother? Father?

I’m not quite sure but there is definitely some kind of link between the two.

“A dragon’s nose never lies…”

Natsu was on to something!!!


The climax at the end was very good. Didn’t see that coming. I thought it would just be a tense battle. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!


Too short. I wanted to see more… Still don’t know what’s happening with Lisanna. Gray and Juvia’s scene didn’t mean much to me.


Happy biting Franmouth’s Tail! That was pretty funny… Apart from that. Not much really…

Overall… 8/10 for the ending!