Gray or Silver? – Fairy Tail #366 Review

Fairy Tail Chapter 366

A Thousand Souls

With ‘Nakama’tsu having broken into the Demon Layer, things were bound to get somewhat crazy… And they did!

Franmouth, the roundest of the Tartaros Demons, confronts Natsu about the damage he has caused.

And rightly so… There was no need to damage the building… Nah, I’m just kidding. The bastards deserve it. How dare they hurt our Fairies!

Yeah… I’m still not over that!!!

So Franmouth decides that Natsu must be punished and he gets dealt with quite a few attacks. However, this round bastard seems to have high endurance. He can take a hit. And he even gets Natsu with some weird tagging curse which drains strength. He also has a stretching ability much like Mr Fantastic and our beloved, Monkey D. Luffy.

He talks about the cost of Natsu’s sins and how many souls it will cost. At first its at 1000 and then he gets punched again and it rises to 2000. Happy gets involved in the fight as well to give Natsu the advantage.

Kyouka (The Freiza lookalike Demon) leaves torturing Erza to see what the fuss is all about… but we don’t see her make it to Natsu in this chapter. Maybe next time love.

Gray and Juvia are on horse-back… except its not a horse but some kind of leopard/horse hybrid… I think I’ll call it a “horpard”They seem to be worried.

Next thing you know, the badass Silver appears. He tells Franmouth to leave with the ex-Chairman who is still knocked out.

What happens next is a little alarming! Very alarming in fact.

There is a little banter between the two at first about the Freezing and Thawing out the Sun Village.

Silver actually seems pleasant as he mentions it was a mistake and thanks Natsu. This is well weird but then Natsu mentions something…

He claims Silver smells like Gray!!! And Silver immediately freezes him on the spot. His smile disappears and he looks angry all of sudden.

Why did Gray’s name affect him so much?

What is it about Gray and Silver?

I think they’re linked in some way… Could Silver be Grey from the future? Or perhaps a relative... Brother? Father?

I’m not quite sure but there is definitely some kind of link between the two.

“A dragon’s nose never lies…”

Natsu was on to something!!!


The climax at the end was very good. Didn’t see that coming. I thought it would just be a tense battle. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!


Too short. I wanted to see more… Still don’t know what’s happening with Lisanna. Gray and Juvia’s scene didn’t mean much to me.


Happy biting Franmouth’s Tail! That was pretty funny… Apart from that. Not much really…

Overall… 8/10 for the ending!


34 responses to “Gray or Silver? – Fairy Tail #366 Review

  1. I’m not sure if Silver is Gray’s father, brother, but I have a strong feeling that he is related to Gray in some way. Gray has a deep past with demons and is terrified of them (especially Deliora) and believes that his parents are dead. But POSSIBLY Gray’s dad survived the attack but fell into the arms of demons. I don’t know really know and I’m probably wrong, but I can’t help but feel like he’s connected to Gray. The magic, the physical features, the smell as Natsu mentioned are all puzzle pieces.


    • That’s an interesting thought. Gray definitely has some kind of relation to Demon’s from the past. I mean even Ur having found him amongst ruins with his parent’s been said to be dead. It could be that like Lisanna and Elfman are being forced to ‘make a deal with the demons’… Silver was Gray’s father and he too had to make such a deal to save his son. But that wouldn’t explain his hatred. Gah, I don’t really know. But this is very interesting.

      Silver had stood from amongst all the Demons because of his strength, good-looks and personality. Knew there would be something special about him.

      Devil-Slayer Magic as well! That could mean something…


    • I kinda get where your’e coming from but if Silver is related to Gray Natsu wouldn’t of smelt Gray’s scent coming from him. Also wouldn’t Natsu smell that Cana and Gildarts were related? I personally dont really have a theory but i think something about Silver coming from another timeline.


      • That’s a really good point. Family members may not have the same smell. Not like the scent is carried in the blood right? It might as well be related to the fact Silver is actually Gray in some way or format.


  2. “Horpard”. Haha nice one. I think that it’s a cool animal! I like how there’s a nice Gray and Juvia moment with Gray comforting her. Also, I have a feeling that Silver is Gray’s father. Maybe not, but they’re definitely related. Silver being Gray from the future is an interesting thought.


  3. I know silver had some connection to gray when I first saw him. When I first saw him I though b’day is that you?’ because they looked so much alike. I’m betting he will be Gray ‘s father if not brother or even him from the future if possible.


  4. i think he might be gray’s dad cause mostly that’s what people are going for or event the thought of him having an older.
    and this is just me saying it. but couldn’t he be like ur’s husband who was never shown and hates gray because ur had to sacrifice her life for him? and even ultear is dead.
    again this is just me.


    • The only question here is, why would Gray’s Dad smell like him Gray? Gray smelling like Gray would make more sense.

      Doesn’t make sense for it to be related to Ultear but you never know.

      Thanks for the reply and sharing your viewpoint.


      • hmm yeah. wont it be cool if one of our assumptions end up being real? or something completely different.
        or how about um that since all the demons are zerefs demons and all so they did kinda have a feeling for each other, you know like a sibling type and silver hates gray because deliora fell because ul took him out for gray since deliora was grays darkness and ul said and i quote:
        ” i will seal away your darkness”
        and since silver cant have revenge on ul so the next person would be gray?


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  6. i have some wild theory that silver is juvia and grays son from the future and the grave he was standing at was either gray or juvias and he went back in time to make sure his parents didnt die… or something like that but this theory is most likely incorrect


    • That is actually an interesting theory… Indeed, he did go visit a grave but I assumed it would be Ur’s. So he can travel back and forth through time it would seem… That would explain the likeliness to Gray.

      We can’t be certain but that possibility is definitely up there with the rest.


    • This would be possible but if you’re up to date then it shows that Silver knew Natsu. My bet is he really is Gray from the future


      • well i dont know silver may also know igneel therefor he knew natsu. he could of been a freind of igneels and is worried bought natsu. he could also have been an enimes of igneels but he treats natsu with some `kindness. thats just another possibility thiers hundreadsof them so


  7. i mean yah your right its kinda confusing why he would get mad when natsu spoke grays name.but i’m definately sure that silver is grays father and silver could’ve made a deal with the demons or sold his soul to them for some reason idk why he would do sucha thing but yah lets see what happens in the upcoming chapters.


      • If he was their son, it wouldn’t explain how Silver knew Natsu because in chapter 368 Silver clearly says “Natsu of all people”. This shows that he knew Natsu from before. Also, if different members of the same family had the same scent then why didn’t he sniff out that Cana was actually Gildarts’ daughter? I see more and more evidence pointing towards Silver actually being future Gray


  8. or its a possibility that their could be a connection between ur and silver possibly ur is grays mother here’s another theory.Not saying its spot on but its just one of the likely possibilities that ur could’ve been grays mother and silver blames his own son for the death of ur.


  9. also i’m hoping that the theory of silver being gray from another timeline.That’d just be totally stupid i wouldnt agree with it on any circumstance but if it was really true that would really suck’d be interesting to have a father and son feud though i’d like to see it with gray and silver.Wouldnt you think gray vs future gray be weird O.O?


  10. probley not future gray cause if so. how would he have gotten here time travel is prcticlly impoosible unless he came in with the dragons but then they would now if someone passed threw those gates.
    cant be his father or sibling cause they smell alike and wouldnt natsu have noticed gildarts and canna.
    but natsu could have noticed gildarts and canna but didnt think much about it.
    also we dont know what demons smell like if a demon has a child would they smell the same or different.
    theres also the idea that if silver is grays father and silver is a deomn wouldnt that mean that grays a demon 2?
    also the sun village, gray was able to use silvers ice one shouldnt be able to use anothers power and control it like that.
    and the affects of the ice was reversed even if he could use the ice how would that reverse the kid affect.
    plus has anyone noticed that thier was just one grave when it showed grays flash back.
    also he was in the middle of the city so wouildnt that mean he was in the middle of all the panic and destruction.
    and ge got out alive with minimum damage something that bad would atleast leave a scar.
    also whats the importance of that cross chain he always has?
    thier are more questions to this then most poeple relize i have a dozen more.
    and aurthors make thier charcters past befor the make thier manga so they know what to add and how to make them react to certin words.
    thier main charcters past is what gives them thier personallity.


    • Thanks for the reply Tanna. Some interesting points you made there. There could be a lot more behind this but it is difficult to get our heads around it without more information. A lot of possibilities but without the missing pieces it is difficult to say which is the right one.

      I think Gray could have turned into a Demon in the future by Zeref and thus became Silver and he came through with the rest of the Demons in Zeref’s book.


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