Sleeping Geeks #13 Best Songs of 2013

Best Songs

We had some great music produced in 2013!

We are going to give you a Best 13 for the year.

#13 Wreckingball

Despite how much I despise Miley Cyrus and everything she represents. Despite my disgust for this appalling video… I have to admit, it’s a good song and I like it.

#12 Need Your Love

I’m a fan of Ellie and I love her voice. Calvin has done a good job with this track and credit to both of them.

#11 Thrift Shop

This song took the world by storm. It’s an awesome song and Macklemore deserves to be recognised for his talent. Although I was surprised to see him do something like this. I was a fan of Macklemore before the Thrift Shop craze and I love his “Wings”.

#10 Black Skinhead

Kanye provided us with something unique and original with his new album. For me, this song stood out. I love how they’ve used this song in the trailer for Wolf of Wall Street.

#9 Can’t Hold Us

I think this a better song than Thrift Shop in my opinion and I really enjoy listening to this.

#8 Get Lucky

How can you not love Pharell Williams. I love his voice and the songs he takes part in. Obviously a big credit to Daft Punk as well for creating such a cool song.

#7 Let Her Go

Again. Not heard of the Passengers before but this song is something special. Simple, Brilliant and Effective. Gets those emotions worked up. Well played guys! Well played!

I know the song was actually released in 2012 but it didn’t top the charts until 2013… So Yeah!

#6 Wake Me Up

Avicii have done it again. I think this one will be another classic. It doesn’t feel of this day and age, this song but from a distant time. Perhaps why I already feel its a classic.

#5 Royals

Lordes? Never heard of her before but she’s got my attention with Royals. It’s smart, witty, catchy and I can listen to it over and over. Definitely look forward to more of her.

#4 Burn

Ellie! Did I mention I’m a fan. Well I am! This song is great. I love listening to it and I have yet to get bored of it. Let it Burn Ellie! Just let it BURN!

#3 Counting Stars

One Republic. They never cease to amaze me these guys. They produce some great songs and they all end up staying on my playlist forever. I’m still listening to “Apologize” and “All The Right Moves”.

#2 Radioactive

I’ll admit, I didn’t know of Imagine Dragons before either. I actually this song from a cover by Pentatonix & Lyndsey Stirling. I loved the cover and then looked for the actual song. Equally good! The video is somewhat amusing to me but a great video non-the-less. This is one to enjoy.

#1 Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)

I love the original and I love this remix just as much! I’m sorry but Lana Del Rey takes the cake with Summertime Sadness despite the original song being one from 2012. It’s my list and this wins.

The whole Playlist is available on YouTube! I hope you enjoyed. I know a lot of people have different opinions on songs so some might be rated higher or lower on your list. You might have completely different lists to mine. Let me know if there are any great songs that I might have missed.


6 responses to “Sleeping Geeks #13 Best Songs of 2013

  1. Hey Shaki! 🙂

    As you say, different strokes for different folks, eh?

    I only like two of the artists on here, yup, notice I said ‘Artists’ as I’m not a fan of summer time sadness, whether it be the original or the new one. But I am a fan of Lana Del Rey!

    I like Thrift shop, it’s that type of positive and intelligent rap/hip-hop music I think is lacking in music today.

    I never got Kanye’s ‘black skinhead’ song. I know a little about skinhead culture and there was and still is in places, black skinheads. And, he aint nothing like them.

    Um, songs from last year you may have missed? I’m not sure! Nothing memorable springs to mind. 😛

    – Phil


    • I like a lot of different music to be honest. These are just some of the more ‘mainstream’ stuff that stood out and they’re the one’s that make the ‘Best of…’ lists. Then again, the stuff I do listen to might not float your boat either. As I say, each to his own.

      The Kanye song; I just like for the beat… I’ll be honest. It’s one of those beats that can’t be ignored. It’s a in your face type of thing.. The lyrics to that song don’t mean a thing to me.

      Macklemore has done well for me this year. I think there’s another one with the name ‘Same Love’ is also great.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your opinion Phil. Greatly appreciated.


  2. I think the only artist I bothered to listen to last year was Marilyn Manson. I listened to his new album repeatably and loved it. I’m old school at heart and most of the time i’m listening to Journey, Dio, or Iron Maiden.


    • Ah I see.. Not exactly the stuff I listen to, although I might be willing to give some of your stuff a shot. Recommend me a song you think I’ll enjoy. One that would just be irresistible.


      • If you’re a fan of Carly Simon then You’re So Vain by Marilyn Manson is very catchy. Johnny Depp plays the guitar in that song too :]. There’s also a crap ton of Journey songs I can recommend. Lights, Faithfully, Wheel In The Sky. Steve Perry has some really good solo songs too. Missing You, What Was, Go Away. If you’re a fan of Metal then Dio’s Holy Diver pretty much made his career. Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills and Number of the Beast are also pretty awesome.


        • Marilyn and Metal are not my cup of tea, although Journey wasn’t so bad. I gave it a shot mate. Thanks for the recommendations. I guess not all music is for me. Perhaps one day. You never know. My taste in music is always expanding and changing.


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