This is a follow up from my previous post in this series on how I became an Otaku.

Becoming an Otaku! Chapter One – Pokemon vs Dragonball Z

So now that I’d stepped away from the world of Pokemon, I needed something new in my life. I was bored of watching three kids with their pets, going around the world helping people. Because, let’s face it, that’s what 80% of Pokemon was about. It got me thinking… Is the world really like this? I mean I help people when I can but honestly, sometimes I’ve got a life to live. But let’s not rant about everything that was wrong with Pokemon.

So what happened next in my journey? Well, I was introduced to amazing world of Dragonball Z through the channel Toonami! Now Toonami had all sorts of awesome animation shows such as Samurai Jack and Teen Titans. I loved watching Toonami and I spent many hours a day, whenever I got the chance. But what stood out for the most was Dragonball Z. I started watching it mid-way through where the main antagonist was Majin Buu and Goten and Trunks were going through their fusion process in order to defeat him.

I watched it here and there and enjoyed what I saw but it wasn’t until Toonami decided to entertain us with a marathon of Dragonball Z over the holidays one year and I got to watch the series from the very first episode.

This is where I met Vegeta, Raditz, Goku, Piccolo and Gohan. The very first episode of Dragonball Z this was. Now, I was used to watching shows with little kids most of the time, with the exception of Samurai Jack of course but a main character with a son… that was something new for me.

The whole concept of these people from a strange world with different powers got me hooked straight away. I loved the character designs, the fighting sequences and the powering up. It was non-stop action. How could I not be entertained at that age?


I watched it back-to-back; one series after the other. There were many emotional ups and down through this stage. I liked almost all the major characters. From Yamcha and Tien to Goku and my favourite Vegeta. Even Videl, Buu and Hercules became a part of my daily lives. And let’s not forget Krillin and Master Roshi. The only person I didn’t really get attached to was Bulma.

I don’t know. Compared to Chichi who had a strong personality, Bulma seemed very weak and drab. Don’t know what Vegeta saw in her.

Obviously, with the opportunity being present, I went on to watching Dragonball GT as well. Despite my love for Trunks, GT wasn’t as good for obvious reasons but still it wasn’t a bad watch. Especially when the Baby arc came to fruition.

Overall, Dragonball Z & GT were a great experience in my life; very enjoyable. I loved the fighting and the characters and the fighting! Did I mention fighting twice? Yes I did! Because that’s what Dragonball Z was all about… The Epic Battles.

My favourite arc was definitely the first one with Freiza. I also enjoyed Buu as a villain. The Cell arc was good but I didn’t really feel the same for Cell as I did for Freiza and Buu.

I wished for there to be another Dragonball Series set in the future but I guess that wish will remain just a wish.

Next Chapter will explore my adventures with Yu-Gi-Oh and Trading Cards.