Becoming an Otaku! Chapter Two – Enter The Dragonball

This is a follow up from my previous post in this series on how I became an Otaku.

Becoming an Otaku! Chapter One – Pokemon vs Dragonball Z

So now that I’d stepped away from the world of Pokemon, I needed something new in my life. I was bored of watching three kids with their pets, going around the world helping people. Because, let’s face it, that’s what 80% of Pokemon was about. It got me thinking… Is the world really like this? I mean I help people when I can but honestly, sometimes I’ve got a life to live. But let’s not rant about everything that was wrong with Pokemon.

So what happened next in my journey? Well, I was introduced to amazing world of Dragonball Z through the channel Toonami! Now Toonami had all sorts of awesome animation shows such as Samurai Jack and Teen Titans. I loved watching Toonami and I spent many hours a day, whenever I got the chance. But what stood out for the most was Dragonball Z. I started watching it mid-way through where the main antagonist was Majin Buu and Goten and Trunks were going through their fusion process in order to defeat him.

I watched it here and there and enjoyed what I saw but it wasn’t until Toonami decided to entertain us with a marathon of Dragonball Z over the holidays one year and I got to watch the series from the very first episode.

This is where I met Vegeta, Raditz, Goku, Piccolo and Gohan. The very first episode of Dragonball Z this was. Now, I was used to watching shows with little kids most of the time, with the exception of Samurai Jack of course but a main character with a son… that was something new for me.

The whole concept of these people from a strange world with different powers got me hooked straight away. I loved the character designs, the fighting sequences and the powering up. It was non-stop action. How could I not be entertained at that age?


I watched it back-to-back; one series after the other. There were many emotional ups and down through this stage. I liked almost all the major characters. From Yamcha and Tien to Goku and my favourite Vegeta. Even Videl, Buu and Hercules became a part of my daily lives. And let’s not forget Krillin and Master Roshi. The only person I didn’t really get attached to was Bulma.

I don’t know. Compared to Chichi who had a strong personality, Bulma seemed very weak and drab. Don’t know what Vegeta saw in her.

Obviously, with the opportunity being present, I went on to watching Dragonball GT as well. Despite my love for Trunks, GT wasn’t as good for obvious reasons but still it wasn’t a bad watch. Especially when the Baby arc came to fruition.

Overall, Dragonball Z & GT were a great experience in my life; very enjoyable. I loved the fighting and the characters and the fighting! Did I mention fighting twice? Yes I did! Because that’s what Dragonball Z was all about… The Epic Battles.

My favourite arc was definitely the first one with Freiza. I also enjoyed Buu as a villain. The Cell arc was good but I didn’t really feel the same for Cell as I did for Freiza and Buu.

I wished for there to be another Dragonball Series set in the future but I guess that wish will remain just a wish.

Next Chapter will explore my adventures with Yu-Gi-Oh and Trading Cards.


5 responses to “Becoming an Otaku! Chapter Two – Enter The Dragonball

  1. Hiya Shaki! 🙂

    I think I watched the same marathon as you, it was Christmas wasn’t it? I believe it may have been on Cartoon network though, I’m not sure.

    But anyway, I liked the series up to the middle of the Cell saga, where I lost interest. Like yourself I enjoyed the Freiza one too, but I never watched the Buu one as I got bored. My brother carried on watching though and enjoyed it.

    I know what you mean about Bulma! She was boring and her only character trait was her sporadic shouting/raging moments which were mostly done for comic relief in the show, but it wasn’t that funny. I view Chi Chi sort of the same too, her only saving grace was when she raged at Goku was his reaction to it, he was actually scared of her, which was funny because he’s the most powerful thing in the universe and he’s scared of human female!

    Which reminds of a true story about a British wrestler. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him but Giant Haystacks was a wrestler in the 70s and 80s and he lived around where I live. One day my Mam was coming out of a shop and he was going in, she looked up at him and thought “bloody hell he’s huge!”. Anyway, she was fiddling with her bag outside for some reason and he came out and his wife was waiting for him and she bollocked him! LOL. He was so scared of her and my mam later found out from a friend who knew them that she was the boss and he was scared of her!

    Yeh I know, not a great story but it was funny.:)

    Oh btw, another Dragon Ball Z thing, the orgasm faces and the gasping got on my nerves too!

    Anyway, hope the weeks been good to you so far! 🙂

    – Phil


    • Haha, Nice story… I just searched him up. Looks like a larger version Robert Baratheon from Game of Thrones. A huge man! Yeah, its funny how Goku was afraid of Chi-Chi. I think a man needs a strong wife, especially one that lacks responsibility and is a bit on the wild side.

      I think it might have been the same marathon. But then again, there were plenty of marathons they did over the years.

      The orgasm faces and gasping was just something I got used to. Although I did make fun of my friends about it before I started watching it. Had this DBZ vs Pokemon rivalry going on.

      My week is good so far. Great in fact. Hope yours is well as well. 😉


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  3. I have a bunch of good memories with DBZ just like with Pokemon, I think I watched both of those around the same age, though Pokemon lasted longer since there was a more consistent airing schedule for it every week. DBZ just sorta randomly aired and somehow I watched through just about all of it. Wasn’t until many, many years later that I actually read through the manga to go through the story in one bundle.

    I think what I love most about DBZ though is the games. I absolutely loved the PS2 fighting games as well as the Game Boy Advance games, even when I look back on DBZ and realize it’s not the deepest of stories, I still can’t deny that playing as those characters and fighting against my friends was a great deal of fun. Like Pokemon, I have countless childhood memories with it and even though I’ve heard too many people brag about how DBZ is “the greatest anime ever” and how “nothing can compare” despite them not knowing much about other anime, it wouldn’t be fair to hate DBZ for it. Not the greatest of series in my opinion but far from the worst, and for all it’s worth, it definitely did its job when I was younger. What more could I ask for?


    • It is classed as legendary because of the fighting… It paved way for the shounen of today. So many mangaka claim they took inspiration from DBZ. It’s therefore seen as “God Status”.


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