Just like many GEEKS out there, I’ve been impatiently waiting upon the release of the Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer. That’s right… We’ve been waiting for a trailer. Not even the start of the show but the trailer. That’s how desperate we are to watch the George R. R. Martin’s writings come to the screen.

I’ll be honest; I don’t bother reading the stuff, just because it would spoil the show for me. I’d rather wait the year for the next lot of 10 episodes.

So what I’m going to do for you is break down the trailer and see what HBO have generously decided to give us here.

Here’s the Official Trailer here; courtesy of YouTube!


That’s literally the first thing we see. Well we don’t exactly see the dragon but the silhouette. The Roar of the Dragon pretty much gives it away in case you thought the silhouette was an idiot playing tricks with the light of a torch in his hands.

Can you even imagine the significance that holds? For a second, step back and think. There is mythical frickin’ beast flying over the City of the KING! The very city that was once ruled by the Targaryons who ruled the world with their Dragons. And now the Dragons are back at the very place where they were slaughtered. Well, at least there’s one. Can you imagine Cersei’s reaction? Or even better yet, Joffrey or Tywin.

Sooner or later, the Dragons and their Mother; Daenerys Stormborn are going to make their way back home. It’s going to be EPIC!


Honestly, can this kid get any stupider? Not only does he claim that he’s WON the war… he actually claims HE won the war. Who is he kidding? Himself? He certainly ain’t fooling his fathe- I mean his beloved uncle, Ser Jaime Lannister.

Mind you, despite the haircut, he still looks dashing. I’ll admit, I’m starting to like Jaime, despite his incestuous habits. His long hair was iconic. Reminded me of Prince Charming. He does remind his son nephew that the war isn’t one. He has that look on his face like he is talking to an idiot. “Like kid, did you honestly think it was over?”

I’m sure the people of King’s Landing hate Goffrey for the brat he is. But what a lovely brat he makes. You just love to hate this kid.

We then see a battleground or shall I say the remains of a battleground. The battle is clearly over as the ground is riddled with bodies. A Raven is quietly eating away at the flesh of the dead, oblivious to its surroundings (I wonder if it has the three-eyes). A single man a horse is seen riding carrying a white flag.

So what happened here? Somebody surrendered? If one side surrendered, why would there be a pile of bodies everywhere?

It looks like a massacre to me. Somebody played dirty and killed them despite them giving. But then again, that’s what you get for being cowards. Fight to the DEATH!

We switch to Khaleesi and her band of three; Ser Barriston Selmy, Ser Jorah Mormont and Missandei (Slave Girl). Standing in the desert with her Army of Unsullied, they watch from a distance as horse-rider approaches them at speed. Who could he be? A messenger? Most likely… But what is this message?

Somebody is then shown entering a tomb. From the look of it, the tomb is the one at Winterfell; the one where the Starks are buried. I can’t really tell but from the movement of the figure, it looks like it’s wearing a dress… making it a she. Or I hope it’s a she. Don’t want some cross-dressing going on here. Imagine Jon came out of the closet. Would explain why he left Ygritte (Damn that’s a difficult name to remember).



I don’t really know who’s died but that Red Witch; Melisandre is there watching. Perhaps another sacrifice to her Lord of Light? Or is Stanley Dead? She doesn’t seem too pleased but nor that upset. Please don’t be Gendry.

We see the meeting off two armies at the top of a hill. Looks like they’re going to talk. An alliance in the making perhaps?

Stanley is shown alive with his illiterate, smuggler write-hand man who was not that illiterate anymore. He’s got a scowl on his face like always and Stanley seems to be thinking. I think they’re on a boat. Travelling maybe… But where to?


Jorah is forever friend-zoned counselling his Khaleesi about there being good and bad on both sides of a war. I am pretty sure she’s smarter than him so I don’t really why he even bothers. Is he actually trying to persuade her to back-off?

She tells his pretty damn-straight, They have a choice. They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one.” Specifically shows Cersei, Tywin and Jaime in that order representing Three Dragons against Three Lannisters. Clearly Joffrey is as insignificant as his siblings, who were never shown again.

Tyrion is in cuffs. Clearly, he’s not part of the Lannisters. Well not anymore.

I doubt he wants to be anymore. They’re totally not in his class. He’s just too Tyrion for them. But unfortunately he’s locked in a cell and even he doesn’t think he’s, “talking (his) way out of this one.

He must have really done something bad this time. Perhaps he called his brother and sister out on their relationship in front of their father and his nephew/nephew. That would do the trick.



  • Baldy Varys is seen with a new friend looking at the throne. A new contender I presume.

  • Jon Snow looks like he’ll be leading the Nights Watch against the Wildlings. We even see an angry Ygritte launching an arrow at some poor sod somewhere.

  • Theon Greyjoy’s Sister looks set upon his rescue. She’s seen riding in some small boats with a handful of men. Doesn’t look too pleased.

  • Jaime is given a new hand. It looks golden but time will tell. Everything looks like gold to me in Kings Landing.

  • Some guy is shown leaving a naked baby in the snow for the White-Walkers. I think it’s one of the guys who rebelled in the Nights Watch and killed Jorah’s father.
  • We see Arya equipped with a sword. Is that Needle? It looks like it… I wonder how she got that back.

  • Petyr Balish is asking somebody what side they’re on. As if he hasn’t already figured it out; the sly bastard.

  • And Bran Stark doing his freaky psychic business whilst touching a tree. Seriously Bran, you using tree’s as well now? You sick bastard!




Remember the new friend Varys made. He’s significant alright. He’s got Tyrion with him and he gives him a message for his father. “The Lannister’s aren’t the only ones who pay their debt.”

That’s a threat right? That’s clearly a threat. He seems cocky and confident this fella. I like him already. Might turn out to be a douche though but we can live with that; plenty of those around.

The Royal Wedding takes place but Cersei is shouting at her father about something. “Fight over him like Beasts until you tear him apart… Burn our house to the ground before I let it happen.”


Is she talking about Joffrey here or her Fiance/Joffrey’s Brother-in-Law?



  • The Wildings and The Nights Watch are fighting. So that’s finally going to happen.

  • Arya and the Hound are kicking ass. I am loving their new found friendship.
  • Theon Greyjoy is ALIVE! And not in captivity it seems.
  • Sansa Stark is shown wearing a hooded robe walking through a gate, surrounded in snow. Hope she has a bigger part to play now rather than being a pawn. She might even be the girl who was at the tomb.



Awesome Trailer! Wish there was more… I hope you enjoyed my detailed analysis of the Trailer.

I think that settles everything apart from:



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