Real Time Strategy – It all started with DUNE

This is a blast from the past. From one of my favourites collection. True RTS (Real Time Strategy) fans will be familiar with this title. but those of you who have never played Dune, I say give it a good go… I mean what have you got to lose? (A link to the game is at the bottom)

Dune was originally a film made in 1984 based on a novel by Frank Herbert. Taking us onto Arrakis; a planet rich in spice, the Emperor set a challenge for the three houses of Dune. Who so ever produces the most spice will control Arrakis. The three house are all completely distinct from one another are poised for all out war as nothing is prohibited. First being the noble Atriedes from the water world of Caladan. Secondly its the insidious Ordos from the ice planet of Sigma Draconis IV. Last but not least, the evil Harkonnen from the volcanic planet of Giedi Prime.

Dune was originally released as an RPG, which was nothing special. Dune 2 however was ahead of its time and forged what we know now as real time strategy. The controls were limited at that time but it was a catalyst which produced many imitations, but Westwood Studios having originally created this gem became the best at RTS releasing the famous Command and Conquer series which is still around today.

Dune 2000 was a remake of the original Dune 2. This was well received among fans and was also released on the PS1. Although it was very similar to Command and Conquer its originality really pulled through with unique units and map designs.


Each faction has its own storyline which is both compelling and captivating. The planet map at the end of a mission really allows the player to understand what they have accomplished.


Westwood’s own music composer Frank Klepacki really compliments the compositions to the overall feel of the game. Which is no surprise having picked up two awards for his compositions in C&C Red Alert.

My Rating

Game Play: 9.3

Story: 9.3

Sound: 9

Graphics: 6.5

Replay Value: 7.0

Overall: 82/100

The platform set by Dune 2 for Dune 2000, we can appreciate why this deserves a high rating for game play. Story loosely based on the film allows it to have such depth. The well known Frank Klepacki doesn’t disappoint providing some memorable music. Playing through the game three times, does not  get annoying. Graphics let Dune 2000 down but being released roughly 15 years ago we can forgive this small blemish. Replay value is good, although nothing much does change other than the difficulty.

Dune 2000 is now freeware as the developers and publishers Virgin Interactive and Westwood Studios who have closed and  have been bought out by EA respectively. (evil scum!!). Dune 2 is also free on play store for all the mobile gamers.


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    • That reminds me of playing Football Manager and I would save the game before a cup final, just because losing isn’t an option once you get to that stage. I stopped doing it eventually but… Yeah, I cheated. 😛


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