Finally! ONE PIECE! REBECCAH! CAVENDISH! Okay, that’s enough for spoilers for now…. I’ll add in Meadows as well just to keep it safe. Keep people guessing.

Reading One Piece for One Piece fans is like getting your weekly dose of drug that you are addicted to. Several Otaku’s I know have been complaining of withdrawal symptoms. I was almost on the verge of going on medication. Seriously… These One Piece breaks are like DEATH! It’s like you are slowly dying. But less about the hard couple of weeks I’ve had without One Piece and more about this chapter.

Where do I start? Where do I start!? WHERE DO I START!

Okay, I’m getting carried away. A bit obvious where we are going to start… At the cliff-hanger we got left at… THE COLISEUM!

Everybody is shocked at what happened. They can’t believe it… But the Last Man Standing… Is not a man but a woman!

REBECCA IS THE VICTOR! How? How did she? All these strong people… It’s not possible.

((And for those that were crying out Meadows. He’s knocked out as well, just like the rest of them.))

The crowd that was cheering suddenly become angry and annoyed. Why her? Why Rebecca? Why did she win? We get to see her face because her helmet is no longer on her head. I think I prefer her face.

There are cries of “Are you shitting me?”, “Cheating Bitch!” and “Disqualify her!” I think that give you enough of an idea how the crowd feel about this.

The fans of Orlumbus and Cavendish cannot understand her victory. Nobody can in fact. Even I can’t. Was it really some special attack her father, the Toy Soldier taught her?

The question is answered by Bastille, the Giant of a Vice-Admiral of the Marines, who is also present on Dressrosa. (Mind you, he is the shortest giant.) KAMAITACHI OF ROMMEL! This is what he names it and this is also the title of this chapter so clearly it holds significance.

So tale has it, in the Kingdom of Rommel, a strange wind blew that cut people up. Marines went to investigate but they fell prey to this wind attack as well.

This reminded me of Dragon for obvious reasons. But its not him… Before everybody gets all turned on.

The slashing wind was attributed to an individual named as Hakuba. He was never captured… but they did associate him with another individual. Wherever Hakuba was seen, another pirate was always on that very island. That’s right… It is none other than our “Pretty Boy” Cavendish! 

Rebecca recalls the incident and it all plays in her head. She saw what truly happened. The Criminal Suleiman was busy trying to attack Rebecca who was using her speed to dodge it all. Cavendish came to her rescue and then suddenly started acting weird and fell asleep. A narcoleptic? This is strange…

The rest of the D Blockers, realising he was down tried to take him out. That was their mistake. Cavendish awoke in a demonic form all of a sudden. He disappeared from beneath them in a flash and at the same time, the slashing wind attack occurred. In a flash yet one by one, they were all taken out despite their attempts to stop him.

Rebecca was a little fortunate. Maybe a little too fortunate. The attack hit her helmet. Perhaps because of her speed she was able to move out of its path ever so slightly but the helmet flew off her face and I think it was sliced in two but she managed to escape without any major injuries.

Cavendish’s demonic form ended and he fell back to sleep immediately after.


Okay, not so genius as it has been done before in movies but still amazingly done. Nobody expected such a thing. We thought maybe Cavendish but not like this. I had always thought that a split-personality character should be introduced to One Piece at some point; as a comic effect more than something as bad-ass as this.

So mine and everybody’s predictions were wrong. Especially mine as there was no Haki being used. I think I jumped to the conclusion way too fast. Realised later that the chances of it being Haki were very slim. I wonder what they meant by this happening before. Did Cavendish enter before and get eliminated in a similar fashion? The poor lad.

I bet this is how Rebecca feels… Studio Ghibli style. Image courtesy of Halifa642 on Tumblr

Bastille mentions he figured it out about Cavendish after running into him once. Cavendish falls asleep and Hakuba then takes over. I think Hakuba decides Cavendish is at his limits and takes charge to ensure Cavendish survives. I believe Cavendish is aware of this and enjoys the popularity he gains from it. He’s a great swordsman but Hakuba is obviously on a level of his own.

Bartolomeo seems confused about how Rebecca avoided the blow but he knows about Hakuba; mentioning him by name. It might have been Sabo who informed him who claims it was more than luck; implying there was skill behind dodging it. However, Sabo plans to attain the Mera Mera no Mi no matter what so Rebecca won’t receive no favours from him. Jesus Burgess seems really excited about all this. He just wants to fight I reckon.

<br /> The Block Winners<br />

So we have our four finalists!

We switch to the Royal Palace where Doflamingo has King Riku on trial. Well not really a trial but more in the sense of putting him on the spot and mocking him. He laughs at Rebecca coming out winner of Block D but at the same time accuses Riku of planning this with Rebecca in order to attain the Mera Mera no Mi. He actually claims King Riku has hurt his feelings and that he must be desperate for attempting to do as such. He even mentions Violet’s betrayal and questions why they were all doing this today…

Gotta love Doflamingo for his bad-ass villainary. One of the best we’ve had so far in One Piece. Probably the wildest one. He is the Joker after all.

King Riku mentions what Doflamingo did with stepping down from the throne only for it to be false triggered all this. He wants to continue fighting for his country more than ever.

Funny thing is, in King Riku’s thoughts, they show a glimpse of Cipher Pol 0 for some reason. Not sure what that is about.

Doffy however is onto Violet. He knows she’s betting everything on the Luffy and Law alliance and then we get to see Law seated on the Heart Throne that was meant for him had he remained by Doflamingo’s side.

Quite a statement that is. Despite Law rejecting it, he ended up on that seat against his will, handcuffed at Doflamingo’s mercy. It’s horrible seeing Law like this…

The Heavenly Yasha calls Trafalgar Law, “The hyped up new Shichibukai…” This clearly shows what he thinks of Law in comparison to himself. Just the new kid on the block. The power difference between the two is clearly miles apart. Despite Law having planned this, he as no match for Doflamingo who is enjoying making Law pay for his betrayal. He does seem to think Law got too big for his boots and thus he “had to bring him back down to reality”

Doflamingo mentions something about Luffy’s lineage being evil. The words from the translation at mangastream read as “The successor  to that evil lineage Monkey D. Luffy…”

He’s clearly talking about the ‘Will of D’ here isn’t he? Does he actually believe those that carry the initial D in their names are evil? He probably does considering his lineage comes from the celestial dragons. They undoubtedly hate the D’s. I am sure there is some sort of history between the Tenryubito. Some bad blood I reckon. Obviously the Tenryubito came out on top but they must have used some underhand tactics. Luffy is going to be the one to make their era of ruling end.

For Luffy, Doffy doesn’t plan on him “leaving the Colosseum as a human”. To me this indicates plans on turning him into a toy. Its his well kept secret. Little does he know, the Strawhats already know and are one step ahead of him. Doflamingo isn’t even aware the Lucy in the Colosseum isn’t even Luffy… but SABO!

Franky! We get to see Franky and he’s having a hard time against Senor Pink who is shown German Suplexing the Cyborg. He must have used his devil fruit to get the advantage over Franky in order to attack him without being seen. Otherwise Franky would have had him I reckon.

Doflamingo is aware of Franky attacking the Toy House alone and expects his Family Members to handle him. He also knows that Kin’emon, Zoro, Robin and Sogeking are the remaining four Straw-Hats that he needs to take care of. (Notice, he refers to Kin’emon as a Straw-Hat. *hint-hint* and also Usopp’s name is not common knowledge to the world. He remains to be known as Sogeking. How awesome!) He has no idea that two of them (Robin and Usopp) have infiltrated the factory through the underground passage as he thinks that is off limits to them.

Luffy, Kinemon and Zoro (in their Fish, Cat and Frog costumes) are planning to go through the Royal Palace. So they are attacking from all three fronts. Luffy wants to meet more ‘toys’. That what he’s referring to the dwarves as. However they’re totally confused at being addressed as the Usolander Straw-Hats.

Usopp is reminding me of Buggy the Clown at the Marineford Arc.

The Lift as according to the ‘SOP’ plan has come down to take them up to the lift although they would require showing  a pass to the guard. Luffy just plans to “Beat the crap outta him…” but they are given another option. Viola/Violet arrives and asks them to follow her.

First of all, would they trust her? And secondly, can we trust her? What if Doflamingo has given her a task to capture the Straw-Hats and lead them to their demise and in return he would spare King Riku and forgive her betrayal. It is possible. This is Doflamingo after all…

Overall a great chapter back. We get to see everything that’s happening on Dressrosa, we are introduced to a new concept and character in Hakuba and the story is progressing. Was a little disappointed we didn’t get to see what’s happening with Sanji and co. I’m getting really worried about them.

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