The new Fairy Tail Chapter is out. With my excitement for One Piece I almost forgot about this.


This chapter starts in a very comic fashion. Simply because of Natsu! The undefeatable one is actually defeated. He’s handcuffed, butt-naked and gets chucked inside a cell. And the only thing he truly wanted was his scarf back! Natsu, you funny guy! This is why I can’t hate this guy, despite how over-powered he is. Naruto and Ichigo piss me off at times but this guy… I love him no matter what.

Also in his cell in the lovely little Lisanna. Seems like she got caught as well and they’ve stripped her too. Natsu’s reaction to the naked Lisanna is hilarious. I mean it’s not meant to be funny that they’ve been caught and they’re locked up in enemy territory; considering how crazy powerful and evil this enemy team is. But still, this makes you laugh. That’s the thing about Fairy Tail. share each others stories as to how they got here of sorts. Lisanna isn’t happy to hear that both Erza and her sister are caught too but Natsu is adamant he can escape and rescue both of them. I guess I realised that the being naked part isn’t just for fan service. It also shows how cruel Tartaros are with them humiliating the Fairy prisoners. Lisanna mentions she feels worse than an animal being naked and chained.

With her being so down, Natsu gives her strength by reassuring her that they will make it out and he will rescue everyone. They even share a little NaLi moment. (NaLi is the fandom name given to the couple these two would make if they got together. The enemy to the NaLu fandom.)’t she just the cutest thing? And I say it in the younger sister kinda way…

Considering we all are in love with her elder sister; Mirajane.

Next we have Kyouka and Sayla share a moment. I just realised Kyouka is the leader of the Demon Guild as Sayla is addressing her as Kyouka-Sama, which is only done to those that are very high up, like a diety… or to mock someone by saying it in a sarcastic manner.

They discuss that Jellal is the only on that remains to be killed to activate ‘Face’ and that they’ll find him soon enough. They expect Erza to spill the beans. My poor Erza…

And when I said moment… I meant A MOMENT! Kyouka mentions something about not having “Taken Care” of Sayla in a while and Sayla responded with a ‘Kyouka-Sama…” That implies quite a lot to me… Did I mention Kyouka’s room is covered in chains and what not.

We switch to Jellal fighting Oracion Seis. They seem to have the advantage but Jellal wants to defeat them on their own despite Meredy offering her help. They’re fighting for ‘Freedom’ but Jellal claims he will truly free them as their current freedom is fake. As long as they “remain taken by darkness”, they won’t truly be free. Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

How is he going to free them from being evil by defeating them? Is he going to do the thing Yugi used to do to make people realise the bad they’ve done using his millennium puzzle? Read the Yu-Gi-Oh manga for more details on that.

We also have Brain (former leader of Oracion Seis) about to get up, and he has a sly smile on his face.

He’ll be up to something… I can tell…

The rest of the Guild is worried sick about the missing six; Erza, Mira, Natsu, Happy, Lisanna and Elfman. That list soon becomes five as Happy arrives. And he’s in a panic considering her left Natsu in the hands of the enemies but this was the best he could do as the Fairies have no idea where the captives are held.

Happy explains everything that happened. Natsu, Mira and Erza are captured and the ex-Chairman is a traitor. He also informs them that the guild keeps moving as it is a floating island type thing. However he knew what direction they were headed which made a sad Levy happy. Her magic can be finally useful as she can track them down.

He also mentions the Silver thing to Gray who has no idea what he’s talking about.

Just when you think things are looking positive, the list of five comes down to four. Elfman returns… And its not good news. The “Pretty Horny Demon”, Sayla of Tartaros has put him under her control. He’s become corrupted by the Demon and he’s there to screw things up for the Fairies. And when I say “Horny”… I mean it. Shit’s going down and she’s getting it on with Kyouka. Can we expect this Fan Service to go one level ahead and Hiro Mashima gives us something on the Demon Lesbian angle in the next chapter?


The Natsu and Lisanna moment was cute and funny. I was glad to see Lisanna alive and the two haven’t really had any moments for a while. The Kyouka and Sayla moment was weird and creepy and the Evil Elfman ending was great.


I think not enough happened in the chapter and Jellal didn’t really give us much. I wanted a little more.


The whole naked Natsu thing. Still cracks me up. And his reaction to Lisanna. He doesn’t mind Erza being naked but Lisanna freaks him out. xD

Overall a good chapter in my opinion. I give it a 7.5/10… As nothing spectacular occurred otherwise it could have been higher..