Hey ya… It’s Auzora here and this is my first post. Hope You Enjoy it!

I’m an ANIME FREAK and these are a list of things I would do if I got a chance to go into the Anime World !!!


  • Try Manipulating Ryuk, the Shinigami ( Death Note ) to give me the Death-Note by offering him Apples!


  • Help Monkey D. Luffy to find the treasure of One Piece and eat a lot of Sea-food! ( Love it !)

OP  - one-piece Photo

  • Join Fairy Tail with Lucy and try flying on Happy, the blue flying cat… ( I KNOW THAT’S TOO RIDICULOUS )

Fairy Tail - the-fairy-tail-guild Photo

  • Help Lelouche ( Code Geass ) destroy the Britanian Empire and see him use his Power of the King LIVE !! (That’s gonna be an awesome scene for sure.)

  • Ask Shinichi ( Detective Conan ) to give a Super Tight Kick on Gin’s face (You should see him kick. It’s so amazing!)


If you haven’t seen any of the anime from which the characters are mentioned above… Go Watch Them !!!

  • Death Note
  • One Piece
  • Fairy Tail
  • Code Geass
  • Detective Conan