I’ve got one word for this… AWESOME!

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Okay I extended the one word to two but can you blame me?

The new One Piece opening is one I can listen to and watch over and over… And I think that’s a good thing because there are a lot of Episodes to come in the near future. Mind Blowing Episodes I reckon.

I’m just going to give my thoughts on the opening and what I liked about it.

It’s fast! It’s fun! It’s punchy, in your face and shouts out Adventure! I mean look at the attire of the straw-hats… over-the-top hyped up Pirate Outfits. I mean they are Pirates but they don’t usually dress in the traditional pirate clothing. Here’s they’re all dressed in their individual colours and each with dynamic outfits. They look so awesome and cool. I feel like cosplaying even though I’ve never done anything like that before.

After the short introductions, we get a glimpse of everyday life on the Thousand Sunny. The youngest Trio; Luffy, Usopp and Chopper are running around chasing after what looks like a golden beetle. Their eyes light up and they’re fascinated as usual. It is golden and it flies so obviously they’re going to chase after it.

Running past Franky, we see him sailing the Sunny, sitting at the Helm. Zoro and Sanji are shown next… and we see the duo arguing over something as usual. But lets face it, now matter how many times they fight and bicker, we still love to see it.

Nico Robin is drinking tea and reading one of her books whilst Brook plays her a melody on his violin. That’s really sweet but we know why he’s doing it really… PANTIES!

The trio are so desperate to catch this bug, they even run into Nami showering. Obviously this would result in bumps and bruises but only for Usopp and Luffy. Chopper gets off scratch free… Sometimes I wish I could be Chopper. Just so I can get away with things whilst others get in trouble whilst I join in the fun. Win Win.

It’s only when they chase the bug all the way up to the mast do they realise they are facing an on coming armada of Marine ships.

We see the Admirals Kizaru and Fujitora (Note: Ryokugyu is not shown) as well as Fleet Admiral Akainu.

Isn’t showing Fujitora like a major spoiler for the non-manga readers. Ah well… doesn’t bother me.

We even get glimpses of Smoker and Tashigi.

The real action ensues with in Luffy taking on Akainu a battle of punches. Akainu using his Magma Fists whilst Luffy enhances his own with Armament Haki.


Fujitora and Zoro are going at it in a sword-fight. Now this is something I really want to see.

Kizaru and Sanji are going at it in the battle of the legs with Sanji using his Diable Jambe.

Even Franky gets in on the action, taking on the Giant John of the Vice Admirals in his Shogun mode.

We then skip over to glimpses from the next arc. We see Luffy in the Lucy outfit, the coliseum, Rebecca, Cavendish, Don Chinjao and Bartolomeo. We even see the stand-off, meteors, the Doflamingo Family and lots more.

I forgot to mention… We even have Blackbeard and his crew show their faces but before we can see Luffy take on the man with the two devil fruits himself, the scene ends unfortunately. Imagine that battle.

I can’t wait for this Season to get going!

To watch the whole opening in HD, look no further for I have it for you!

That’s all for me for today. Arigato…

One Piece Anime Review coming up soon. 😉