I just finished watching the latest One Piece episode. Now that the filler’s are over, I don’t see why I shouldn’t review it on a weekly basis.

The episode started off with THE NEW ONE PIECE OPENING! It’s been so long since we’ve had a new opening and I was waiting for this, ever so patiently, hoping it wouldn’t disappoint… And it did not. The new Opening is 100% Awesome! The Music, The Theme, The Lyrics and above all, the Video!

If you haven’t already, check it out right here:


The episode started with the newspaper article about Doflamingo resigning as well as the Luffy/Law Alliance. Even the Kid/Apoo/Hawkins Alliance has leaked out. There is a lot of pandemonium around the One Piece world regarding this news. We get glimpses of many familiar faces.

Jewelry Bonney is seen  eating a pizza and wearing a hoody. She seems to be alone after the Blackbeard Attack probably wiped out her crew. Pretty sad really. The pizza eating is pretty cool, the way she is eating it. Made me want some. But the real concern here is…

How did she get out? What kind of offer did she exchange with Fleet Admiral Akainu in order to become a free pirate?

She was clearly at his mercy and with a bounty on her head and his “Absolute Justice”, it really is something to think about. I wonder what she makes of the news because she doesn’t give much of a reaction. She seemed neither glad, nor angry.

Jimbei is seen reading the news as well as Crocodile … but neither give us a reaction.

Finally we have the Alliance between Captain Kid, Scratchman Apoo and Basil Hawkins reading the story. They seemed to be surprised by this “Abusa” who has been spreading these tales for the newspaper. They’re not quite sure how he’s figured it out. Although it wasn’t very clear in the manga but many of us had predicted, this is the works of Absalom, one of Gecko Moriah’s henchmen. The one who had the Devil Fruit that allowed him to disappear. The only fruit Sanji ever wanted (for its perverted abilities).

We can assume this 100% now as the Thriller Bark Ship is shown sailing away from the island. Kid isn’t very concerned by this news. He’s more concerned about what Luffy and Law are planning to do, now that they’ve made an alliance. Obviously he see’s both of them as his greatest rivals. He has figured out that they too are planning to take out a Yonkou just like the three of them but they’re not sure if they’re all going for the same one.

This is interesting… Very interesting. Who is Kid targeting? I would go for Big Mom! Kaidou is way too powerful as is Shanks. Blackbeard is too unpredictable. Big Mom is the safest option in my opinion.

Trafalgar Law is impressed with the result as are the rest of the Straw-Hats. We receive a call from an upbeat Doflamingo who claims he’s done as asked but not before Luffy managed to get a word in claiming he’s “Luffy” and he’s “going to become the Pirate King” despite Usopp having told him not to. This has become a norm for Luffy now so as expected.

Luffy also claims that Caesar Clown will be returned as promised but if he tries to do anything like before where Brownbeard and the Children suffered, he would go and kick Doflamingo’s ass. Quite the talker isn’t our Luffy?

There is a hilarious scene here where Doflamingo mentions to Luffy he has something Luffy would really want and our Hero’s thoughts immediately go to some super delicious meat. Trafa-guy warns him not to to get caught in his pace but it seems this is too late. Luffy finally snaps out of it and both Usopp and Luffy believe it is some special skill Doflamingo possesses called ‘his pace’This is what I love about One Piece.

Law takes over and the two agree on a meeting spot known as Green Bit after Doflamingo confirms Caesar is a live and safe. Law also informs them that this is just a distraction as the Straw-Hats were worried he might bring an army to meet them.

The actual plan is to find the Factory that produces SAD and destroy it.

But once that is over, the Straw-Hats ignore everything and go off to have lunch… Sandwiches… Much to Trafalgar Law’s confusion. How could they be so chilled out at a time like this? Doflamingo just called…! Not knowing what else to say, he decides to mention he isn’t a fan of bread…

He doesn’t like bread… He doesn’t like bread? HE DOESN’T LIKE BREAD?!? … What kind of a man is he?

But that face though… XD

At the dining table, Kinemon mentions his story about how he was travelling to Zou, which is co-incidently the island Trafalgar is headed to next and where his crew is situated. Loved the little clipping of Bepo. 

Kinemon’s back-story is very sad and heroic in terms of what his friend Kanjuro did for him. Initially there were three of them, not including Momonosuke… but one got lost and the other one named Kanjuro sacrificed himself to allow Kinemon to leave the island in order to search for his son, who had idiotically managed to stowaway on a ship headed to Punk Hazard.

We have an introduction of a new Admiral who is mentioned as Fujitora but isn’t shown. He is part of two new Admirals. The one giving these instructions is the Marine Bran-New who we have already seen before so he isn’t technically Brand-New anymore…

The new Shichibukai is also mentioned, CLOWN-STAR BUGGY! This scene is hilarious as we actually get to see Buggy boasting as to how he was begged to take the position. There is a bit of breaking the fourth wall as Buggy directly addresses the viewers and claims they didn’t expect him to be a Shichibukai. And how he now plans to become a Yonkou and then the Pirate King. Buggy, this guys is the funniest villain ever!

Basically, they are unhappy with things changing so much and that the three powers; Yonkou, Admirals and Shichibukai should remain stable. With Doflamingo resigning and talks of Law aligning himself with Luffy, things are looking unstable. A seventh Shichibukai is mentioned but not revealed and the rest remain as they are with Hancock, Kuma and Mihawk.

Akainu makes an appearance sporting a goatee. He talks about how Smoker warned him of ‘shit about to go down’ so he’s sending Fujitora; the admiral in.

DAMN, things are already looking crazy. FUJI-FUCKIN-TORA! That translates as Purple-Tiger, much like Red-Dog, Yellow-Monkey and Blue-Pheasant

Trebol is called by Baby-5 to go meet Doflamingo who has called a meeting with his three main executives that are comprised of Trebol, who represents the House of Club… Pica; Spades and Diamante; Diamonds.

The Heart Seat is empty which suggests it was reserved for Trafalgar Law

Trebol is to bring a package he has been safeguarding to Doflamingo. Trebol agrees to come but decides to pester Baby-5 about getting married considering her previous fiancé died. Wonder how that happened?

He also a habit of getting into people’s personal space that annoys everybody, yet Baby-5 decides to flirt back like an idiot. That girl has issues.

Most One Piece characters have a weird trait. Something that makes them stand-out in an amazingly horrendous way. Trebol gets too personal, Baby-5 gets caught up in love-traps… Even with someone as ugly looking as Trebol. (No offense to Trebol)

And then we have Diamante who acts all modest up until the final moment. He loves to be praised and doesn’t accept it until the other person has taken it back. It’s quite hilarious, I have to admit.

Basically the package that arrived contains something special and Diamante is given the responsibility of safeguarding it and to make sure he does so with great honour, Doflamingo praises him and that’s when the whole not accepting praise game is played.

The package does indeed contain something Luffy would most definitely want…


So yeah! What an EPISODE! We had so much happening. New Admiral, New Shichibukai… Reports on alliances, taking down Yonkou’s, Bread/Bepo, Kanjuro and ACE’s DEVIL FRUIT!!!


Overall, the best One Piece episode in a long time…