I’m lost for words…………………..


What an Opening!!!

Awesome, Ace, Artistic.

Really loving the Elysium inspired opening. Gamakichi’s and Naruto’s exoskeletons look totally badass.

Kishimoto you have really redeemed yourself. Amazing opening, Amazing Chapter and Amazing Cliffhanger. 

That’s a hell of a lot of  “Amazing” in one sentence this chapter must be amazing right?


You don’t see it?

Let me show you why…


We start the chapter off from where we left off, Sasuke gets stabbed… for real! NO IzanagiNO IzanamiNO Clone… just pure unadulterated Uchiha flesh. Sasuke looks like he’s in agonising pain.  Madara isn’t even amused . Stares through Sasuke like a worthless human, undeserving of the Uchiha name.


Tobirama is disgusted by Madara’s resolve but he’s responded with utter silence. Holy Moly thats badass! Madara’s actions speak loader than words and shows Tobirama that he truly doesn’t care.

We also get a glimpse of Gaara carrying Naruto on his back, rushing him as fast as his sand can carry them.

Naruto you don’t look so good


His Uzumaki bloodline isn’t saving him…could it be that Naruto isn’t a full Uzumaki. Well I guess technically he is half Namikaze and half Uzumaki. so there’s definite reason for concern as Naruto could potentially die.

Now for the big revelation.

We finally get to see rest of the Shinobi Alliance.

The Shinobi alliance  demonstrate it’s usefulness by doing absolutely nothing. But then again what can they do in the presence of a God, Madara Uchiha.

The Shinobi alliance seems to be incapacitated by the Makuton, bar Sarutobi who shows us exactly why he is deserving of the title of the Third Hokage.


The Makuton unleashes a devastating 5 elemental attack Fire, Wind, Lightining, Earth and Water. However, Sarutobi saves the day by showing us, full mastery of all five elements and perfectly blocks the attack.

Such a BADASS!!!

Such an epic counterattack from the legend himself, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

We  see that the Makuton is being controlled by a shady character… who could it be?

Well non other then yours truly, the POO Fetish Swirly Zetsu. Guess he’s here to make the alliance literally shit themselves to death.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 02.31.28

Hahaha I love this guy

Such a simple question but yet he has no answer… Will he ever get to POO?

Its nice to get a bit of comic relief. Naruto has forgotten his Shonen Value and become too serious. Hopefully it returns to its core values and amuses us in the near future.

In all seriousness whats he doing here... and how can he control the Makuton for such a degenerate zetsu. Maybe he received a power-up from Yamato which enables him to create such a complex jutsu or there’s more to Swirly then meets the eye. I get the feeling Orochimaru knows something…could he really know the identity of the Swirly Zetsu…or is Yamato being controlled inside of the Swirly Zetsu? guess we will have to wait and see.

Moving on we see the Shanobi alliance tired and exhausted, basically running on their last ounces of chakra. The only thing keeping them in check is the Edo Tensei of the Third.

Shikamaru formulates that their literally screwed if they don’t heal up before the Third Hokage falls.


As we progress further trough the manga, this specific panel caught my eye. Is Kishimoto publicly excepting his mistake by saying the “fights dragged on with too many crazy techniques”. Could this be foreshadowing that we might get an end to this war very soon, even though we know that the manga will conclude at the end of this year. Is this a sign to tell us he finally knows how he’s going to defeat Madara. Well i hope so as Madara has run Rampant for far too long.

Going Back to this epic chapter we get to see that Karin in a very terrified state similar to that when Sasuke faced the Raikage at the 5 cage summit. She breaks down into tears crying out for Sasuke.

Ohhhh Karin why do you still worry about Sasuke

Simultaneously we find Gaara and he’s found who he was so eagerly looking for. To my surprise its not the Forth Hokage but Tsunade. Whats Gaara planning…Is he worried the he might not be able to get Naruto to the Forth Hokage in time. Sakure immediately rushes over concerned.

Finally she has a PURPOSE.

Well she had no choice as she is the only one with sufficient Chakra to stabilise Naruto in his current state. Gaara takes sakura along and as soon as Sakura gets on his sand, we see Hinata.


She can’t believe her eyes, Naruto is at the brink of death. She quickly rushes over but Kishimoto plays dirty and makes her fall. It breaks my heart to see Hinata like this.

Serioulsy Kishimoto, F*** YOU!

All Hinata wants to do is protect Naruto but you have to make her out to be so helpless. I really feel bad for Hinata, She cares soo much for Naruto-Kun but all she can do is watch him helplessly on the ground.


Poor Hinata. Gets no love from Kishimoto. I really can’t wait to watch this scene when its animated because if they add an iconic emotional Naruto soundtrack it will defiantly unleash the water works.

Just thinking about it makes me cry…

It doesn’t help that I’m listening to Sadness and Sorrow right now too

Must Retain focus…must be strong for Naruto.

We move back to Sasuke and he’s looking helpless as ever. Madara effortlessly bitch slapping the Uchiha boy.


It does beg the question…

Does Kishimoto have the balls to kill off Sasuke

Most likely not… but WOW talk about portraying across Sasuke’s suffering. Hats off Kishimoto, exceptionally well drawn. I love the fact that even when he’s face is on the ground, Itachi still gives Sasuke hope to survive. Sasuke really is a changed man. He wants to become the Hokage who follows a true ideal and tarnish the ways of the Hidden Leaf.

The Suspense keeps on building… this whole chapter we see Naruto’s on the verge of death and Sakura’s running out of chakra fast, will this be the END of NARUTO… will Sakura give her life up for Naruto as Chiyo did for Gaara.

Naruto will never forgive himself if Sakura sacrificed herself… so that only leave 2 possible outcomes. Minato will come to the rescue or Naruto will DIE!

Arghhh this SUSPENSE will be the DEATH of ME for SURE!!!


But what about Sasuke?

Karin… keeps shouting his name and holding her head as the taught is too much for her to bear but surprisingly Orochimaru is calm. Too calm… whats he plotting. Hmmmm I’m sure he won’t let anything happen to his future vessel but what will he do… thats the question. We might atlas see Orochimaru’s true intentions but is he strong enough to take on or even slow down Madara?

Its OK Orochimaru take your time… we can wait but Sasuke can’t 

Whatever the case,  Karin calm the F*** DOWN! Sasuke will be fine.

Finally we move on to the most suspense filled page of Naruto in a long time.


Talk about Epic Cliffhanger

I really loved this chapter it was filled with soo many awesome events, soo much emotion and soo much suspense.

Both Karin and Sakura do an amazing job showing their emotion for Sasuke and Naruto. Lets just hope their tears aren’t in vain.

What will Kishimoto do… Will he surprise us and kill them both… or will he just end it on another cliffhanger.

I’ll give this chapter a SUPER!!! 9/10

Only because it doesn’t show what Minato and Kakashi were upto.

Amazing Chapter

Suspense filled ending 

Finally showed the Shinobi alliance (Sarutobi ftw)

Final thoughts

F*** YOU Kishimoto for taking a Break next week


Well on the bright side I get a break too 😛

Thanks for Reading.