Today was just a normal morning, browsing the web, chilling, YouTubing when I stumbled across something AMAZING. I had no freaking idea it was in the works already so I was totally BLOWN AWAY.

A preview for a Subaru commercial featuring a live teaser of Attack on Titan was released this Friday on the Japanese morning show and it featured a live action Titan. This is the First look of what to expected from the Attack on Titan movie, which will begin filming this summer.


Looks like the director is opting to go with a mix of CGI and Prosthetics to give it a more real world perspective.




Wow talk about impressive make-up, That defiantly looks like a Titan. I’m glad that actors will be portraying the Titans as this gives a real sensation of natural movement, which in combination with make-up is going to send chills down your back. Only thing I’m worried about now is how the director will use the Three Dimensional Manoeuvre Gear in conduction with our Antagonists. 

I think this movie is going to be impressive and it could potentially lead up to Hollywood remake.

This is defiantly the highlight of my day. Hope this movie is every bit as good as the Anime.

I hope you guys are excited as I am. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.