I was expecting a lot more from this chapter than the previous one and it delivered… Mostly, thanks to Fujitora… Who didn’t even arrive until near the end of the chapter. I actually went back to read the title of the chapter, halfway through reading it, just to make sure it did have something to do with Fujitora and I wasn’t mistaken.

So what actually happened in this chapter?

An Arena Announcement (Alliteration FTW!) – Diamante is announced to be entering the arena this year along with the four executives. And the crowd go wild. He really is a ‘Hero’… I think they must like his over-not-so-modest personality and he must be super strong. I wonder what kind of power he has. Most likely a Paramecia Devil Fruit.

So how is this actually going to work? Are all 9 competing at the same time? Or the winner of each block taking on one member or something like a battle royale?

This is confusing me. I wish someone can enlighten me. I have a feeling I’ll have to wait for Oda-Sensei on this one. I just can’t seem to figure out what would be the best way to do this. I say a five-way match between Diamante and the Block Winners would be the way to go. And then the Winner takes on the Four Executives?

The victim’s of Hakuba, including Cavendish himself are being rushed over to the infirmary where more than likely, they’ll be turned into toys. Isn’t it quite interesting that when they become toys, they’re forgotten about. It’s like from Toy Story. The adults tend to forget about the toys. Very interesting concept for a fruit. This ‘Sugar’ really is a secret weapon for Doflamingo with such a power. It’s discreet and get the job done and nobody even questions it because nobody is missing a thing.

Rebecca waves a ‘Hey, we both made it…’ to Lucy but gets no response. She immediately realises something is off. Especially considering Luffy’s affectionate personality.

Our boy Barty gets involved and starts doing his fan-boy routine for Sabo now, claiming Rebecca can’t casually talk to ‘this person‘. He makes me laugh this guy does… Probably my favourite new person from this arc. Seemed like another Bellamy at first but now… He’s like one of us… ONE PIECE FAN-BOYS.

Notice the ‘X’ that he’s drawn on over his abs. That is really funny. Although it’s cut off here but he’s got his pipe as well… Without a doubt now if there even was one before… It’s SABO!

Sabo brushes him off and decides to address Rebecca in a formal manner, unlike Luffy who doesn’t know what formal is. He does a ‘no hard feelings’ thing and then says something weird. I didn’t really understand what he means at first but then I realised.

Sabo Home

What he means is that this country is a fake just like Goa; the country Ace, Luffy and Sabo grew up in. On the outside, all looks well but its just for appearances. On the inside, its all corrupt and screwed up. I mean just look at the toy factory and what it does as well as the weapons trade that Doflamingo runs.

Luffy had mentioned the same thing earlier.

Remember how the area was burned just to make it look good for the nobles, regardless that there were people down there in Goa.

Elsewhere… Violet wants to help the trio get into the Palace. Zoro recognises her from the Sanji fling… Smart Zoro. Always keeping an eye on Sanji.

Wicca suddenly shows up as Zoro questions Violet/Viola… Everything makes sense as they share stories. Rebecca is Violet’s niece as her sister was Rebecca’s mother. Using her power, she has been watching over Rebecca and seeing what they’ve been doing.

I want to know just how awesome her power is…

She reveals a hidden passageway that has a lift leading up to the palace although she recommends they take the stairs. Like that was going to happen with Zoro, Luffy and Kinemon.

Zoro comes up with the crazy plan. Tells Luffy to grab a boulder and climb to the top and then pull the chain down with the boulder’s weight which would allow the lift to go top. Before Violet can object, Luffy is already on his way.

The Luffy and Zoro combination can make you laugh any time. Love these two!

At the Toy House, Franky has gone crazy with his rocket launchers. Everybody is ducking for cover and one guy even mentions the gun in his hair.

Next thing you know, Senor Pink is standing brushing his teeth with a shoe brush. WTF is this guy? Just stands there and takes a Franky Bazooka head-on even though he could avoided it with his fruit.

Now his fruit is revealed to be an interesting one. Sui-Sui no Mi which translates as Water-Water Fruit. Now a water fruit that just allows you to go through walls and floors… Not all that powerful it doesn’t seem. It was one of the fruits we were waiting to be revealed. It should have been an all high and mighty fruit… But I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  But Senor Pink… This guy is sooo ridiculous but you can’t help but to like him because he is so frickin’ cool and HARD-BOILED!

Didn’t feel like running away? Disinfecting with alcohol? WHAT IS THIS GUY?!!

I think this guy is my new favourite Doflamingo Family guy. Ranked even higher than Baby-5 and Diamante. A true Hero! Almost makes me cry reading about his heroics.

He was blocking the attack for his Nakama because the fat-guy called Mach Vise was on the ground with a Stomach Ache.

And what does he do? Launches himself in the air and crash lands on his stomach missing Franky with his attack. (What an idiot. LOL) Even Franky calls them idiots because that’s what they are…

Not sure how he launched himself in the air. Might have a weight-related fruit like Miss Valentine.She didn’t utilize hers very well. Hope he’s not as bad.

Just when things are about to get interesting, Vice-Admiral Bastille comes in to capture Franky with his bunch of marines… which even annoys Senor Pink. (Told you this guy was too cool.)

It was at this point I was thinking… Where’s Fujitora?

And my questions were answered. Doflamingo praises the Admiral for his wise-move in joining his side. Little does he know what Fujitora is planning.

We’re in the Hall of Suits… and its not a room filled with Iron Man Suits as you would have liked to this but suits as in the suits of a card. It’s the room with the chairs. It seems this is the main room in the palace now. Fujitora walks in on the captured King Riku and Trafalgar Law and turns a blind eye on them.

Now this is the awesome bit… First he claims he had no intention to make Doflamingo his ally but due to the Straw-Hats being here and other suspicious activity, it was the logical choice to make. So Fujitora is a thinker and liked to make logical decisions rather than do what he feels is right. Now he mentions ‘Suspicious Activity‘… Could he be onto Sabo and the Revolutionaries? I think it could possibly be.

He might be blind but this guy see’s everything.

He claims if Straw-Hats come after Doflamingo, there will be chaos and that the civilians need protectionThat is his JUSTICE! However he also adds he would deal with Doflamingo later which gets the ‘What the fuck did you say… I didn’t quite catch that last bit?’ response from Doflamingo. Fujitora reveals his objective. The reason he joined the marines was so that he could ABOLISH THE SHICHIBUKAI SYSTEM!

Now this got me thinking… Why would he want to do that? The Shichibukai are great powers who aid the marines in keeping the sea’s under control. Why make more enemies for themselves and make the sea even more chaotic? Where is the logic in that?

What would happen to Mihawk? And Hancock… And our Beloved Buggy!!!

Unless this has something to do with Zephyr as well… Remember Z; the former Admiral from the One Piece Z Movie… He mentioned some pirate killed his family but was later turned into a Shichibukai… Perhaps its because of that reason or something to do with that.

You should see the look of Doffy’s face when Fujitora begins to threaten him claiming ‘there is a pirate that hijacked a certain country and screwed it up’. He responds with one his over-head kicks but Fujitora blocks it comfortably.

Shit was about to go down…! But Doflamingo suddenly see’s the funny side of things and see’s this as a Kill me now or regret it’ kind of threat. Fujitora assures him, they are allies for now and he will protect the Kingdom and will turn a ‘blind eye’ on all wrong-doings he commits. After all, he is a blind man…

But he does add, “This is the year of the Reverie! Now matter how much may not wish it, the world will stir…” – Fujitora knows some crazy ass shit will be going down this year and he plans to be a part of it.

We finally get back to the Stadium and Koala is running to get there in time to witness it. But there is a panel that shows her running past some clothes on the ground. Did she do something to somebody to take their clothing? Was there a fight? Is it some kind of Devil Fruit Power that gets rid of you out of your body… Like vaporization shit? I don’t really know what to make of this panel. I am intrigued by it.

It is announced the FIVE contestants will make their way out… The fifth I believe is Diamante so it will be a Five-Way match…

So we have Diamante and Burgess who we don’t really know much about in terms of fighting style and strength. All I know is, both are super powerful. Then we have Sabo… Another one we don’t know much about, apart from his battle-pipe. Finally we have the evasive and blocking types in Rebecca and Bartolomeo. Now I believe Rebecca is the weakest by far but this will be an amazingly awesome contest. Without a doubt… And it is about to begin as ‘Lucy’ and Barty make their way out.

It seems Sabo is even worse than Luffy at remembering names. He calls Barty as Marin Colloseo for some bizarre reason. He is really up-beat about the match-up just like the rest of us… But then there is a moment as he walks out that touches all our hearts…

He’s calling out to his fallen brother and letting him know, this is for him…