What a fantastic way to enter 2014,


The episode was pure genius!  It gave the long awaited fans exactly what they needed…

And how exactly did brilliant writers achieve this you didn’t ask?

Well, allow me to enlighten you… For TWO whole years, fans including myself, have done nothing but speculate and come up with our own theories…  the brilliant Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat, instead of finally revealing “how it was done?” to put us, out of our misery… they cleverly collected and  relayed all our theories that were floating around the net, since the “great fall”.  It was the perfect form of fan service and it just completely diffused the great mystery, with laughter, clever puns, jokes, wittiness, along with serious tension thats to be expected from a crime thriller story.  The series kicked off with the rooftop scene… i thought the answer was about to unfold … up until Sherlock kisses Molly… that made me slightly sceptical but i thought hmm, ok…

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 22.51.54

Very un-Sherlock ish…

it was up until this scene i “deduced” this was a farce…

brownDARREN BROWN  hypnotising Watson! Nonsense!

dummy scene

Sherlock’s face stuck onto a dummy!!! This was hilarious!   The dummy
is thrown from the building whilst Sherlock & Moriaty are sat behind on the phone to Watson.

mo and sh

So whilst they are there laughing, they turn to KISS each other! Some gay fan fiction coming to life… it was just Hilarious!

The amount of fans that tuned in that evening was immense there was…well i’ll let Vegeta tell you…

45224524Thats RIGHT, 9 MILLION fans tuned in!  According to an article by the Independent “It reached a peak of 9.7 million within the first five minutes when Sherlock was reunited with his sidekick John Watson, played by Martin Freeman

What got my attention was the text message from Mycroft “LAZARUS is GO”


With a bit of researching i got the to the bottom of what that meant.  According to the Gospel of St. John, Lazarus was the brother of Mary and Martha, he was sick John 11:1-14  and in a nutshell he was resurrected by jesus John 11:38-44.   Hence Sherlocks death and resurrection.

In summary, superb music, dialogue and absolutely fantastic acting by Cumberbatch and the rest of the cast.

My only complaint is to Steven Moffat! He writes the Doctor Who series, brilliant as they are but sherlock episodes are like master pieces!

Moffat should put the same effort into Doctor who!

Anyway get your Geek on and go watch the series, you wont be disappointed!

Peace out!





4 responses to “LAZARUS IS GO…

  1. We still don’t know for sure how Sherlock pulled it off… part of me thinks that’s good, and part of me stubbornly wants the complete truth. Grr…

    I unexpectedly got cable access for the next few months. I thought it would be useless… until a friend reminded me about Sherlock. I’d so resigned myself to waiting until it was on Netflix, I never considered that I could watch in on the TV! So far, Sherlock is the only thing I’ve used that TV for, but it’s enough. I no longer consider that black box to be a waste of space.


    • Hahaha that’s brilliant! It’s a piece of place, well occupied!

      That’s what was genius about the episode they didn’t explain anything, instead they entertained us with bizarre solutions that fans have come with in the past.

      I personally think Irene Adler is involved since she faked her death and even her fake body fooled Sherlock at first.

      Do you have any theories ?


      • Nope, no theories. I haven’t spent enough time immersed in Sherlock to come up with sound theories, so I don’t want to take a guess. The “Lazarus” story that Sherlock gave at the end of the episode seemed the most valid of those presented, but, obviously, he was teasing. I refuse to play a guessing game that I am sure to lose… also, I prioritize other fandoms, so Sherlock only gets my leftover brain energy, even though I greatly enjoy it.


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