Jellal’s Dying Breath! – Fairy Tail #368 Review

This chapter started off really well I think…

Elfman gets back from his dealings with Sayla and he has the difficult job in letting the Guild Members know Lisanna has been captured as well and that he had failed.

There’s a lot of sympathising and “it’s not your fault” going on but Cana isn’t having any of it. She is enraged. She cannot accept the fact that Elfman lost out. That’s what I like about Cana. She speaks her mind and she’s passionate enough about it to take it out on Elfman. Let him know that there is no excuse to come back like this, in failure. He should have tried to get her back even if it meant losing his life in the process. He always talks about being a man… This was cowardly.

Elfman flashback to remember the instructions Sayla literally implanted in his brain using her freaky mind-control power. She has given him a lachryma that is all-powerful and can vaporize his whole guild in a flash and he has to go plant it there in order to save his sister. I don’t know if he is doing it through his own free will or if he has no choice in the matter… Considering her ‘Marco is Absolute’Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

But either way, that’s just cheap and disgusting. Why not take Fairy Tail on in a fair fight you bastard Demons.

We have another comic moment between Lisanna and Natsu with Lisanna trying to get the handcuffs off Natsu using her feet and she’s warning him not to turn around considering the compromising position she is in. Natsu almost turns to look over his shoulder when she mentions she can’t do it… The look on Lisanna’s face.

Silver walks by and drops a blanket for Lisanna to cover up, mentioning he can’t let them leave but he can’t let ‘his princess’ stay naked as it is embarrassing. So this guy is compassionate unlike the rest. And he has feelings toward Lisanna or Fairy Tail as a whole? This is interesting and goes with Silver and Gray theories.

Natsu questions who he is but Silver ignores his question but does say the following words…

What does that mean? Is this meant to be a clue to his identity. So far it looks and feels more like Gray Fullbuster by the minute.

Ex-Chairman has some kind of magic that can locate all mages in the world. Kinda reminds me of Cerebrus from X-Men. For all those that don’t know, its a device powered by the mind used by Professor Charles Xavier in order to track down mutants in the world. So yeah… very similar.

They’re trying to find Jellal so they can kill him and activate the all powerful weapon… FACE!

Kyouka is continuing with her torture of Erza. This is difficult to watch. Don’t like seeing Erza so helpless…

I love how they switch from Erza screaming, not saying a word about Jellal to Jellal panting hard in his battle against Oracion Seis.

I still don’t understand what he is trying to prove by defeating them all on his own. It’s just pissing them off and they’re going to kick his ass… he’s strong but not that strong. And I was right… Brain suddenly gets up and attacks Jellal with a beam attack.

He’s taken him out. Jellal is out… He’s in pain and he can’t move. Meredy tries to go to his aid but he tells her to run awayHe knows he’s dying… Even the ex-Chairman is confused at what just happened… but the smirk on his face gives it away. Their plan is minutes away from completion. This is it…

Brain comes over and ‘puts the icing on the cake’ with a powerful punch that cracks even the ground beneath where Jellal lies. Meredy’s eyes brim up with tears…

This might be the end for Jellal guys. I don’t know what Hiro Mashima is like with killing off characters but this just might be the endUl-Tear has gone… and now its Jellal. I think it lacked the emotion I wanted but it had that shock value... Yet we were kinda expecting something like this to happen. I’m not sure what to make of it to be honest…

Jellal Dead


Silver giving Lisanna the towel. Very gentle-man like. Perhaps there is a “Silver” Lining for Fairy Tail after all…

Also, Natsu again implying the connection between Silver and Gray in case the first time was a mistake.

Cana raging at Elfman! I think that was brilliantly done. She started off mocking him before getting in his face and everybody is telling her she shouldn’t have done that but she doesn’t care. She’s says it as it is…


Jellal being all hero… I think his death is a bit too quickNot enough build-up. I would rather have him die for a cause that makes sense rather than his ego.


The Lisanna and Natsu moment was funny… This whole being naked for Lisanna being an issue, which it most obviously is, makes me laugh. It’s the facial expressions Hiro Mashima draws for her.

OVERALL it was a very decent chapter and one worth the read. I give it a 7.5/10.

However that is not all for this chapter… You see somebody came up with a theory I read and I think it makes a lot more sense because nothing else seems to be making any.

What if its all a hoax. A plan to make it seem that Jellal is dead. Obviously both Jellal and Doranbolt must be aware that if he dies, its all over and Face would be activated. Why would they take such a risk? What if fighting Oracion Seis is the way to free them because it literally is part of the agreement. Brain should have been out, how did he come back into the equation? And Jellal was able to take on that attack before and survive in the past.

What if the whole death thing is an illusion by midnight in order to fool Tartaros into thinking it had worked. I mean obviously neither do Oracion Seiss want magic to disappear. They need it as well.

So what do you guys think?


8 responses to “Jellal’s Dying Breath! – Fairy Tail #368 Review

  1. Well, if we consider that Midnight didn’t raise a finger during the fight at all … And that Jellal is very fond of making Batman Gambits like this anyway, it can only be this. He loves to sacrifice himself. And this may be either a very VERY bad trigger for Erza or a good one that unlocks such a storm of badassery that she takes out half the demons, rescues Natsu, Lisanna and Mirajane and hightails it out of there…

    Only to meet Zeref who’s walking through the front door. :p


    • That would be pretty awesome to watch. Very Fairy Tail like but Erza’s badassery is just too awesome! I could watch it all day!

      You make a good point of Midnight just standing around and doing nothing but talk. Something is definitely off about this fight.


  2. I like the “Silver” lining pun. I didn’t
    expect him to do that. Also I agree that Jellal’s death is too sudden. It all happened too soon that I couldn’t feel the buildup of the tension at all. I don’t get why Jellal insisted to fight alone. Perhaps he does have some sort of plan?


    • That’s what I’m thinking… It just doesn’t feel natural at all. Like something major is missing. Something that we’re supposed to know but we don’t. Next chapter I hope clears some of this confusion up… And the Silver thing is already killing me. COME ON ALREADY!


  3. Hey Shaki!

    I lost interest reading this because it aint my bag, as we’ve agreed before… to each their own. Just wanted to let you know it wasn’t your writing that put me off!

    Having said that one of your fellow sleepinggeeks peaked my interest with ‘Attack of the Titans’, which I’m looking forward too! 🙂

    While I’m here, I wanted to share something I found on YouTube you may like. You being a bigger fan of Dragon Ball Z than me you may have already seen it.

    DragonBall Z Abridged is basically a fan parody! I found it funny as fuck! Hope you like it if you aint seen it!

    – Phil :O)


    • I’ve seen this… It’s absolutely hilarious… But I can definitely watch this again. Thanks for this! Loved it!

      As for this post… Yeah, you wouldn’t really get it because the manga is only on chapter 368 yet… Whereas Attack on Titan will blow you away…! Definitely worth watching!


  4. Maybe Jellal realized what a scrub he was all this time and that it was always Ultear that had to take action and responsibility for their guild. That’s why Jellal wanted to fight alone, to prove something to his ego.

    I don’t know why people are putting their hopes on Midnight. He’s probably the cause of this trouble. When everybody was watching with the fight he was passive. Midnight could do something with Brain seals and that’s why Zero awakened even though the whole OS was still standing. He can use his magic to create illusions so nobody had a chance to notice him.


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