#7 Suggestions to Anime Characters in Real World


Ever wondered what would Anime characters do if they got a chance to come to the Real World?

I don’t really Know what they would do. But here are a few suggestions I would like to give them:

#1 – They should Compare the size of their eyes with a normal person’s eye.

#2 – They should dye their pink, red, green or blue colored hair to some more human color like black, brown or blonde!!


#3 The Anime Guys – You should do a hairstyle that is actually POSSIBLE to do.


#4  The anime Girls – I do understand your love for flip phones but please Move on. Buy a smart phone or iPhone or something like that!!

#5 Monkey D. Luffy ( One Piece ) – Real people DO gain weight after eating a ton of food!!

#6 Ayano Kannagi ( Kaze No Stigma)  – Do not wear your school uniform 24×7, even if it a special combat suit. Real people WILL make fun of you!!

#7  Shinichi Kudo ( Detective Conan ) – Do not Tell people their Profession by looking at them. They’ll  get SCARED!!

But one thing is Sure… No matter how unreal the Animes may seem , they ARE freakin’ Amazing

If you’ve got any more suggestions, let us know in the comments section below. ^_^


3 responses to “#7 Suggestions to Anime Characters in Real World

  1. Probably don’t yell out your attacks before making them.

    Having harems isn’t as easy in real life.

    And probably a million other things that I can’t think of at the moment.

    Nice post man, I enjoyed reading it!


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