Firstly I would like to publicly apologise to Masashi Kishimoto for my appalling final thoughts on Naruto Manga #662, where i expressed my ill conceived attitude…

F*** YOU Kishimoto for taking a Break next week

 I take it all back. I had NO reason to say those foul words but I did, not caring or understanding the root cause of the Hiatus. I am truly SORRY!

On the final page of Naruto Manga #662, Kishimoto expressed that he was going on a break and would continue in the 11th weekly Shonen Jump. The reason for this Hiatus is the death of his beloved father, KENJI KISHIMOTO. The father of Masashi Kishimoto and his twin brother, Seishi Kishimoto passed away on 18th January, 2014.

Masashi Kishimoto and Seishi Kishimoto


I may not fully understand how you feel but…

I am TRULY SORRY for your loss. 

Losing your father is darkest point of life. Dealing with it is extremely difficult and very painful. As a young person, the loss of your father means the loss of your most influential mentor, Sensei.

I send my condolences to you Masashi, your brother Seishi, and the Kishimoto family.

R.I.P. Kenji Kishimoto

I hope the death of Kenji Kishimoto doesn’t effect the longevity of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto Manga Series. I expect that Kishimoto will put his raw feelings in the next couple of Naruto Manga chapters. We may not be able to help you Kishimoto, but he has all his beloved fans condolences.

Lets all share a Moment of Silence for Kenji Kishimoto!