The episode starts off with the Straw-Hats and Allies which include Trafalgar Law, Kinemon and Momonosuke arriving on Dressrosa.

Luffy is too Loud in announcing his arrival whilst Franky is boasting his laser attacks and is excited to blow up the factory… The only person objecting against this is Usopp, who is afraid they’ll be heard in enemy territory.

Luffy wants to fly Momonosuke in his Dragon Form across town to which Momonosuke has a hissy fit about flying… He doesn’t seem to remember how to do it… And then Luffy claims he’s scared which pisses the kid-warrior off which results in the start of a brawl that lasts a while. It’s really funny until Kinemon being the adult come in and breaks it up, apologizing for the actions of his son.

Luffy and Momonosuke

Being told off, the Kid runs off into Nami’s and cuddles against her bosom. This brings out quite a response from Brook, Sanji and Kinemon who are furious with Momonosuke. Brook and Sanji even turn to start pointing their fingers at Kinemon and his parenting. It’s almost a case of pointing out ‘Like father, like son’.

Franky mentions they should go in disguise so they can fit in and not get recognised upon which point, Kinemon decides to prove Sanji and Brook’s theory correct but his response is so perverted, they can’t help but join in. They all get punches from Nami in response to it but again some good comedy.

They do some planning about who’s going where…


The only problem I have with it is… The episode is only 20 minutes long. If it was an hour long, it wouldn’t be a problem… but if you’re going to waste so much time in comedy and faffing about, the plot is not really going to go anywhere and not worth the one week wait. If I’m waiting one week, I’m wanting a bit more than just the Straw-Hats messing around. For god’s sake, we’ve just got over the fillers.

Just in case there are any problems, Law passes a vivre card to Nami which points toward Zou. He tells Nami to go there if anything happens… which gets Usopp worried again. He think he’s got a case of Dressrosa-itis. It’s strange… Even after all this time, Usopp is still a huge coward but its still fun to watch. Just like Usopp didn’t really overcome this problem of his over the timeskip, neither has Sanji with his affection for women.

Sanji has left the “Sunny Security Team” following a strange smell and ends up following Luffy, Zoro, Kinemon and Franky onto the island. This could mean trouble if the Sunny is attacked considering they only have Brook, Nami and Chopper to protect it.

Robin and Usopp have gone with Law as part of the “Dropping off Caesar Team”

Kinemon has used his power to give the Straw-Hats disguises… Beards and Taches… It looks pretty cool. Especially Luffy in the Master Roshi getup. They look around and they see Toys.

TOYS? Weird toys everywhere… What kind of new species is this? Humans and Toys are living together. Creepy and Weird as Fuck!

A blind old man arrives… He may be blind but he looks big and strong. Taller than your average human… He has an awkward moment walking past Zoro. Makes him seem very suspicious, especially to Zoro. Did I mention how slow this moment was. Great for building the tension but not so great for once again, cutting the actual content of the episode shorter.

They hit a restaurant to grab a bite; just the five guys. Kinda like a guys day out it seems. Sanji is suspicious of the people, being the smart tactical one and all… Nobody seems to be worried about Doflamingo stepping down. Zoro suggests they might not know… But it was on the news. How could they not know?

It’s amazing how much this guy eats!

So there is this Fairy Myth… People claim to see fairies on the island. So we have Fairies and Toys? What next?

The blind man is in the restaurant/bar place and is on a winning streak in roulette…  He wins a lot of money and then he starts getting scamed by these scumbags. Apparently its possible with Buffalo not being around. Buffalo is the guy who got defeated by Franky at Dressrosa. The one who turned into a fighter-jet. So it seems these Doflamingo Crew guys do look after the kingdom.

The chapter ended here which was disappointing as I wanted to see a lot more…