I found this great image on Tumblr by Xenolation that very beautifully shows where we are at in this plot.

This got me thinking… How complicated this plot is yet we can see where it is going with the plot in terms of battle. Well according to me anyway… You see, Half of the Straw-Hats have been split off so they won’t be involved in Dressrosa now. They’ve gone to Zou and I think we won’t be seeing them for a short while. They’ve got bigger problems considering they’re up against a frickin’ Yonkou!

As you can see… In Dressrosa, despite Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook not being present… we still have a lot going on in terms of allies and enemies. Firstly, we have four allies in the Coliseum with Bartolomeo, Sabo, Koala and Rebecca. Yet we have two strong enemies in Diamante and Jesus Burgess. Let’s not forget our Jekyl/Hyde situation with Cavendish. He’s a wild card who I am not sure where to put in all of this. I don’t know what purpose he holds other than to help Rebecca reach the finals. Although he may be a character to return later in the New World.


The Royal Palace

   Luffy vs Doflamingo

This is a bit obvious. There is no way Luffy is going to take on anybody else other than Doflamingo. Not after what he did to Law in front of Luffy. There is something called payback bitch and Luffy is a master of it. Doflamingo will have an advantage against Luffy like non-other as he has the ability to cut. Luffy’s only true weakness…

Zoro vs Fujitora

They’ve already clashed once as a teaser and nobody else has the capability of taking someone as powerful as Fujitora on besides Zoro who is on par with Luffy in terms of strength I believe. Just how strong he is now… only this battle will truly tell. This is the one I’m waiting for more than any other. We will finally see the real extent of Roronoa Zoro’s training.

Kinemon vs Pica

Pika is a henchman and Kinemon will need to get past him in order to save Kanjuro. We don’t know how Pica fights or what kind of power he possesses but Kinemon is a great swordsman and has his fire-fox ability which should definitely be worth checking out. I think Pica will have something in relation to weaponry or technology to some context.

Violet vs Baby5 and Gladius

Now this one is interesting. You see, I think Baby 5 and Violet share a friendship of some sort. There was a moment where Gladius was clearly unhappy with Violet’s betrayal and claimed his whole plan had been scuppered because of her betrayal. He had wanted to pick the Straw-Hats out one-by-one. During this moment, Baby-5 didn’t actually say anything bad about Violet (or Viola as she is known).

Now with Gladius, this has become a grudge. He clearly hates on the girl with a passion now. So much, that his hat exploded in rage. This guy does not like betrayal. Just like the rest of the Pica Army, I believe Gladius is also heavily based on weaponry like Baby-5 and Buffalo.

Considering Violet is up against two here… I reckon she will receive aid from either King Riku or Wicca. That would make a lot of sense.


Toy House

Franky vs Marine vs Pink&Vise

This could possibly turn into a 3-Way. I didn’t like the look on Pink’s face. He’s not happy with the Marines. Franky can’t possibly take them all on alone so he will need some assistance in some way or form.

Toy Soldier vs Lao GToy Soldier is going up the lift so he’s going to have to take on somebody there. Lao G is the perfect candidate. Should be a good contest.

Bellamy vs Dellinger

Bellamy left to do something and I think he’s going to get revenge on Dellinger first. Who else is Dellinger going to fight? And Bellamy must serve some purpose.


The Factory

 Usopp vs SugarHe’s been going on about taking on the girl so this should be awesome! Although I have a feeling he will be turned into a toy.

Robin vs Trebol

The only other person strong enough to take on one of Doflamingo’s generals is going to have to be Robin so I’m going with that. Plus his gooey power should give her some trouble.