Chapter 736 started off with the coliseum. All five contenders are in the arena and taking on the crowd. I don’t mean fighting them, like literally taking them on but taking on their cheers and abuse. Diamante obviously has a lot of fans but he’s being modest about it; waving his hand like royalty. Lucy has picked up quite a fan following as well. Rebecca is hated with a passion and Bartolomeo is continuing to taunt the crowd. I think he prefers playing the bad guy. He has the look after all and the total troll devil fruit.

Jesus Burgess is the total show-boat of a champion and he’s got both his hand in the air just like a wrestler.

Rebecca notes that Lucy is not Lucy whilst Sabo notes that Burgess is part of the Blackbeard Pirates. Obviously he would also hold a grudge against them for capturing Ace in the first place.

Just as the match rules are about to be explained, the previous losers in Block D rush in and they’re not happy with having lost to Rebecca claiming they’ll take her out and show they’re better.

Before they can actually do any damage with their riot, Diamante takes them out using his fruit and explaining its powers. So he possesses the Flutter-Flutter Fruit. It makes him a Flag Human. What his power does is quite strange to be honest. Not sure what the concept is but he can turn whatever he touches into ‘fluttering matter’. First his cloak is apparently made of steel but he can make it flutter so it doesn’t seem like it’s made of steel. And then he creates a bulls head out of a sword I believe and takes all the sore-losers out.

He takes three gladiators out simultaneously.


He’s all rocking the show with his mic and personality.

He then finds it a good time to mention the fact that Flying Fighting Fish have been released for the final and they’re attracted to blood. Can you imagine? Piranha Bulls! That’s what they are, Piranha Bulls!!!

And guess where the prize of this match is? On the backs of one of these Fighting Fish. It is tied to the back of a fighting fish in a box and you must first attain it and then fight off everybody else to be the last man standing in order to win. Damn! Talk about difficult. Although I doubt the actual Mera-Mera No Mi would be in that box.

Although it is pretty much clear now, the contest is a five-way and there are no other executives involved. Diamante is more than enough apparently. In the final panel shown of the coliseum, our boy Barty is taunting the crowd pulling down his lower eye-lid and we see a glimpse into Sabo’s face.

He’s wearing sunglasses but there is a scar running across his eye! Definitely a SCAR! Most likely a BURN!

I think this might be from the Celestial Dragon rocket during the action.

We switch to the Palace break-in team and despite Violet doing her utmost to remain discreet and undercover; Luffy finds his own opening but using Gear Third and breaking an opening through the front. He then had the audacity to turn around and say, I’ve found a way in. But could have expected anything other than this from Luffy? He was bound to do this sooner or later.

I think the should have let Luffy do his own thing and these lot took a back entrance just to confuse the shit out of Doflamingo even more. I mean Doffy’s reaction to Luffy arriving at his door-step was beautiful.

At first it was denial.

Bullshit guys! Luffy is in the coliseum… I can frickin’ see the bastard running around on my projector here.

And then it was confusion.


How the fuck can he be here?

And then there was anger.


Who’s this bastard running around in the coliseum? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOIN ON?

Doflamingo is pissed off because he got out-witted by Luffy of all people. That little piece of shit, who is dumb as fuck, has got one over Doflamingo. He wasn’t expecting this shit. Luffy and Zoro at his frickin door step… That’s reason to panic yo. Even Doflamingo knows that.

We see glimpses of Baby-5 and Gladius in one of the panels with Gladius now wearing a biker helmet to replace his top-hat that he blew out of anger, using his frickin head. Badass dude right there.

Lucy seems to be doing really well in the coliseum though, dodging fighting fish with grace. Things are looking promising…But that beast of a man Burgess though.

In the lift to the Palace, Lao G appears in his superhero out-fit and handles Thunder Soldier with his karate. Now this was match-up I predicted. The rhinoceros beetle dwarf tried helping Soldier-San out but he was no match for Lao G either. Although Rebecca’s father wants to give it another shot.

Lao G is one interesting character. He ended up on the lift by accident it seems, his fighting style looks awesome and he makes a G with his hands to form his name. Did I mention his hilarious superhero costume? Or the fact that he couldn’t make out the beetle-dwarf and had to wear his glasses to see him before he launched the attack…? Diamante Army is overall the coolest. Senor Pink, Diamante, Lao G, Dellinger… Mach Vise seems a bit shitty in comparison but the rest more than make up for it.

Just when you thought things couldn’t go crazier… Violet, Zoro and Luffy end up running into Pika! (Don’t ask me where Kinemon has gone… Although I suspect he’s looking for Kanjuro).

Pika basically appears from the within the walls. Like literally, he is the wall that made up the walls of the corridor. I mean like WTF? Even Luffy is like WTF?

What kind of power is this? Stone Logia? Golem Fruit? I don’t know what the hell it is… But whatever it is…. This Pika Bastard looks STRONG!