THE CREW (Q3: between October 1 and December 31, 2014)

Cinematic trailer to get you started.

Fully customisable vehicles can be tailored to each type of race whether that is off road, highway cruise or a simple drag race. An addition to modding there is also a perk system which can give you the edge over your opponents. The ability to comprehensively modify certain vehicle should provide us with endless fun..

This Racing game developed by Ubisoft does remind me of the recent NFS: Most Wanted (2012), as in players can randomly join where ever they wish on the huge multi-player map. Take part in challenges and race to prove their worth. This game is constantly online so there is no jumping from single player to multi-player and this is where it gets fun. When your friends join you, a crew is created. Your crew can take on another crew in a set challenge or challenges providing memorable experiences. This online feature coupled with the modification feature the possibilities are endless.

With the multiplayer map being this large and the concept this engrossing The Crew is something I would definitely purchase. Overall pretty good looking game for racers.

Excitation Rating: 7/10

If your still unsure perhaps this commentary may provide you with what you want to hear!