This chapter was not as I expected. In fact it was totally off expectation… It was exactly as expected hence our expectations became the unexpected.

What I mean is, we thought Jellal would survive but we didn’t expect him to defeat Oracion Seiss but he did defeat them and Midnight was involved but even still… Jellal was just too strong and well… I’ll explain more with my review as I travel from page one to end.

It started off with even the Oracion Seiss guys being confused at how easily Jellal was defeated. Brain is laughing and there remains not even a trace of where Jellal once was.

Nekk Minnit… Jellal is standing there breaking apart glass and I was like… WHAT IS THIS? The twist in the plot?

Midnight is standing there, looking shocked. Knew it had something to do with that bitch… (I’m sorry but I cannot relate to Midnight as a guyWaaaay too feminine. Even more than the J-Pop and K-Pop boy-band members. Gah, how they annoy me… But let us now talk about that now or why I even have to watch them.)

So Jellal is alive and well and he’s broken through Midnight’s Nightmare Genjutsu. And to do so he became Keanu Reeves from the Matrix… Well, he crushed his own eyes… So that reminded me of my boy Keanu from the Matrix, because that’s what bad-ass Keanu does.

Why do you need eyes when you do crazy shit like split the heavens and take out all of Oracion Seiss single handedly?

He said he would do it… And he did! And the reason he would do it was to free them all. Didn’t make sense did it? Well, he didn’t kill them or take them back to jail.

Instead, he offers his hand of friendship and asks them to join him in their battle against Zeref. Yeah… I’m pretty sure no thug crew in real life would accept your friendship after you kick their ass. They’ll get up and try stabbing you again.

But this is bad-ass and now Jellal is blindIf Fujitora can be blind and be bad-ass… so can Jellal.

Hiro Mashima: “Don’t think you can beat me in bad-assery Oda-Sensei… I’ll just do the same thing you did in a shittier way, just so you can’t surpass me. And I didn’t copy you… I made Jellal become Neo so screw you Oda.”

Yeah… I got a little carried away there but… Yeah… Fairy Tail.

There was little to no explanation of how he set up three-dimensional seals… or even what they hell they’re supposed to be. All we know is, Jellal is super powerful now and can do crazy ass magic. Well, he has become ‘The One’ so go figure.

Talking about unexplained shit… The Ex-Chairman has managed to extract ‘The Key’ from within Jellal in the process so he no longer has to die to activate Face. WHAAAAA?


That’s right… He managed to extract it virtually. He had this power all along but just realised now that he can use it.

He got an random power upgrade… Wow! Just Wow! Just look at the smile on his face. He is well chuffed.

So what did he do? He extracted the key and put it in himself and he plans to put it into one of the Fairy Tail members so that they can kill the new host and activate Face… Like Kyouka was going to wait that long.

Kyouka: “So you’re the final key now right?”

Ex-Chairman: *Blushes*

Kyouka: *Stab*

Ex-Chairman: *Die*

The whole flying cube island starts to shake because Face is activatedLisanna starts freaking out calling on her siblings…

And then we get to end on Elfman for the third chapter running… And he’s finally planting the lachryma for his love for Lisanna.

Well both her sisters are in the hands of Tartaros so it only makes sense to kill the only people who can help him get them back.


The Ex-Chairman’s Expressions and his death… Despite it being predictable, it was worth witnessing.


Everything else about the chapter. It was short… there was little explanation and I was disappointed.


Ex-Chairman’s Expressions.

OVERALL this chapter gets a measly 4/10 because it was pretty lame and boring… I don’t even want to talk anymore about it.