Well, what to say… This week’s episode of One Piece was unexpected. One Piece the Anime is never unexpected for me because I read the manga and One Piece is one of the manga’s that I try to remember each and every moment of. If I forget a moment or I am unsure about, I go back and read it again. It is an obsession. With this episode, I did exactly that because there was a scene that I did not recall… And I was absolutely right.

Last week I wasn’t happy at the point the episode ended because they cut it short because they decided to elongate the Blind guy’s entry I still don’t see why it had to be that long. They could have shortened it and still created the dramatic effect. I overheard my brother having a conversation with my sister (I got them all watching One Piece) and he was ridiculing the time it took for ‘the blind old man’ to climb down the stairs. The whole scene he said took 3 minutes. Now I didn’t go back and bother to check… I’m not that sad. I’ll take his word for it… But that was a lot of time wasted there. The whole point of that scene had been to waste time. I know he’s blind but dude…. He can get about quicker than that. Otherwise there would be no point in him leaving the house. The worst bit was, IT WASN’T EVEN PART OF THE MANGA!

So with that little rant out of the way… Let’s move on to the current episodes rant. THE SWORD SCENE WITH THE BLIND MAN DIDN’T HAPPEN! WHY YOU ADDING SCENES IN? THIS ISN’T FILLER GOD DAMN IT!

Stick to the script guys… It’s not that hard. Oda has drawn it all out for you. It cannot get simpler than that. If you are afraid of catching up… Just add some more god damn filler in there, but don’t actually change the writing of Oda-Sensei. That’s just not right.

So what actually happened in this episode…


The blind old man realised he was getting cheated because Master Roshi  Luffy told him so. He just simply stated the color of the outcome in the game of roulette. The bad guys drew weapons, so blind man started going crazy. His dodging was awesome and he sliced them without slicing them. And then he used his power which forced them to the ground and cracked up the floor. Next thing you know, there is a huge whole in the ground and they’re all in it.


This isn’t quite how it happened in the manga. In the manga, it was all surprising and more WTF!? The whole blind guy scene felt like a short moment. Whilst this one felt like it must have took an hour. Will they just make all the ‘Blind Guys’ scenes seem so long-drawn?


Just look how slowly he re-sheathes his sword…

Zoro has his sword stolen so he gives chase to the ‘Fairy’. Sanji is afraid he’ll get lost so chases after him and Kinemon believes the sword belongs to Wano County and is a national treasure, despite Zoro being its owner. Like hell Zoro will let you take his sword. He actually challenges Zoro to a duel for the sword; the idiot.


Well the three of them are making chase behind this fairy… And the Samurai from Wano gets lost. You’d bet your money on it being Zoro… but it seems all swordsmen are a bit whacko… But then again, most characters in One Piece have got a whacko side to them.

Luffy was about to go after them two but Franky decided to be the mature one here and keeps him back before interrogating one of Doflamingo’s men from the bar fight in a gangster style fashion. Luffy playing gangster is really awesome! And from their interrogation, they learn about the coliseum and the prize associated with it. Luffy actually learns of the Mera-Mera No Mi being available.

So lots of developments there… A tournament in the coliseum and Ace’s Fruit is available as the prize. Who wouldn’t want the Flame Flame Fruit?