The Worst Anime Ever? School Days – An Alpha Omega Review


In my opinion this has to be the worst anime ever. I have to be frank here, the reason I first watched this anime was to see how bad this anime was after watching several reviews on YouTube.

What do I think? School Days surpassed my expectations.

When was the last time you watched an anime that left you speechless? Well School Days left me speechless for all the wrong reasons. Whether it was its melodramatic plot or the infuriating characters that seemed to lack complete common sense, School Days left me plastered with a scowl on my face. If you have ever heard of this anime you most likely know it for how it is generally hated upon by most otakus to which I say with good reason.

School Days is based off an erotic visual novel that features plenty of sex. So it came to no surprise to me when I watched this anime that I found the main character Makoto trying to sleep with as many women as possible. Plot wise the anime is set into two halves. The first half is a light hearted mediocre harem featuring a love triangle. While in contrast the second half puts itself as a dark high school drama (if you want to give it that much credit) and that’s what it is a melodrama. A melodrama where it seems that every action the characters take serves to add the melodrama and the shocking end.

This anime can go fuck it self I hate it so much.

The lead protagonist Makoto has to be one of the biggest pricks if not in my mind the biggest in anime. He is famous in anime for just how much of a prick he is. Makoto has a vibe of hatred about him that it surpasses Shinji Ikari by miles. Every action that he takes seems to further add to the melodrama. The other major and minor characters are all women and all possess character archetypes. You have the one with big breasts, the popular one, the child hood friend, the bitch and her underlings. The characters are incredibly generic to which they serve no purpose other than fan service and sleeping with the main character. While at the same time lacking any sort of reason within their minds and so that they can sleep with Makoto. (I should note that there isn’t in any sex shown but it gives you enough implication to know that the deed had been done.)

A cast of full characters who have no common sense and are blatantly stupid.

I would like to discuss the three main characters, Kotonoha, Sekai and Makoto. Kotonoha as the show progresses the viewer is meant to pity her for Makoto cheating on her and how she is bullied. However I can’t seem understand why she went mentally insane over her love for Makoto. Normally depression would ensue for a character like Kotonoha, not insanity. Sekai seemed to be playful and happy go lucky with Kotonoha but turned out to be someone who had her own ambitions. Both of these characters actions didn’t make sense to me at times. Now for the prick called Makoto Itou. I have never seen such a selfish character. He shows no respect for the women he sleeps with and thinks with his penis instead of his actual mind. Even when he was cheating on Kotonoha it was because he started to like Sekai. His actions then didn’t make any sense when he decided to and get in the pants of several other women. Then the only possible explanation I could derive from his actions is that he is a sex craving beast.

Despite the mediocre first half and appalling second the plot has its merits. As mentioned earlier, a shocking ending is waiting for the viewer. This ending has to be one of the most satisfying endings I have ever seen in anime. Despite the frustration and rage felt throughout my viewing I couldn’t help but start laughing out loud. However it is not worth the watch to see the ending. What happens in the end you might ask. Well,


Definitely one of the most satisfying endings ever created.

Aesthetically speaking School Days is just down right average with the animation and music only sticking out during the final scenes. Although there’s a nice boat scene at the very end. It feels to me that the show gave way too much attention to the ending. While satisfying it gave the ending way too much credit and tried to live off it.

School Days is a horrendous piece of work. Don’t be fooled by how light hearted the first half is. The characters are shallow and infuriating. In my opinion this is the worst anime ever watched as I cannot think of a title worse than this. Heck not that I’ve actually seen it but I would watch Lucky Star or any moe crap any day over School Days. Now here’s a word of advice. If you’re a fan of drama you might actually like this. Maybe this review may have you convinced to watch and see how bad this show actually is. To everyone else just stay the fuck away from this.


My reviewer integrity is burning away at me to score this properly so I decided to give my own personal score and my reviewer score.

Personal Score: 0/10 (I haven’t felt this angry in a long, long time)

Reviewer Score: 4/10 (The show has its merits I will give it that.)


12 responses to “The Worst Anime Ever? School Days – An Alpha Omega Review

    • I simply consider it to be the worst in my own opinion as nothing as have made this angry and want to hit my computer screen so much. Although again that’s just my opinion. Although I’m curious what do you consider to be the worst anime?


      • Picking a worst anime of all time is tough. There’s a lot of older ones with terrible art and dialogue that just tried to plaster the screen with gore to appear mature. I remember really disliking Bastard.


  1. This series is fantastic, it’s the best critique of the harem genre. They want you to hate Makoto and that’s the main reason why the ending is great. As for people doing stupid things well duh they are like 14 or 15 years old, kids are stupid.

    Ive played the VN which I like much better because I can see the story end in 21 different ways with different girls.

    This show is just the show that it’s cool to hate. Worst anime ever? Hardly. I can understand not liking it, but there is so much worse out there its not even close.


    • Kids are indeed stupid but please name to me any kind of 15 year olds that behave like this. However calling it critque which I assume you are referring to as a break down of the harem genre is given the ending too much credit. The characters are dumb, stupid and unrealistic where they make down right stupid decisions at the crucial moments. However since you have played and I have not you most likely had a better experience. While yes this isn’t the worst anime in general, I just feel that way about it general. Although what would you call the worst anime ever?


  2. if this is the worst anime ever because the characters are stupid then you haven’t read many harem based anime. I mean, in harem anime all the girls are in love with the same guy for the weakest reasons ever. Often because of some promise made in their childhood that the protagonist already forgot, and then prepare for 13-26 episodes of lame jokes, fan-service and a never-ending loop of girls based on an archetype fighting over a lazy guy that seems to not care about any of them beyond a friendship. At least Makoto gave the girls what they wanted like any sane man would.

    Kotonoha losing her mind was a bit over the top but understandable because she was as innocent and pure as a child. Sekai’s crime of passion was completely justifiable. By the anime’s standard Makoto was supposed to be like one of the hottest guy on the school, is just that he was shy. Thank’s to Sekai, Makoto lost his shyness and had sex with various girls from his school. Hikari did it out of spite to Taisuke. Otome did it because she was the childhood friend that always been in love with Makoto, etc.

    Compared to 99% of harem anime School Days makes the most sense and its characters behave the most realistically. But complaining about archetype characters in an anime it’s like complaining about heat or sand while in a desert.


    • OK let me clarify something. Makoto is in no way the hottest guy. His personality is bland and stagnant besides he isn’t hot (this is coming from a guy). I can number a hundred different characters that are alot more attractive. Note: About the characters you mentioned, umm no it isn’t understable that Kotonoha lost her mind, in the world of realism despite her timid personality I would at least expect her to slap the guy. As for Sekai, I will agree that her crime of passion was justifiable due to her feelings. However you said that characters behave the most realisticly to which I argue no that it isn’t true. The loli girl (the student council president girl, I forgot her name) although she did have feelings for Makoto her whole reasoning was down right stupid. She thought that fucking Makoto was the best way to keep him faithful to Sekai.
      Well I’ve said enough. Yes this isn’t the worst anime but it is my mind however everyone of course is entitled to their own opinion. I would like to add I have seen my fair share of harem anime, Highschool DxD and Highschool of the Dead for starters. Although I would like to know what you describe as the worst anime ever?
      Thanks for commenting, you don’t know how much I like to see when someone has a differing opinion and I can discuss it.


      • No sorry you completely misunderstood. Makato was described as being a hot girl and that a lot of girls liked him.

        Makato is a prick, he was written that way. You’re hating on the anime for reasons that you are supposed to have in the first place.

        Makato was more interested in the sex than the girl and this show is about how that came back to cost him.

        Parts were over the top but this kinda stuff does happen. I know people like Makato. It’s far more realistic than your ordinary cliché harem.


  3. Really scary anime……..liked the beginning but it starts to become hatred and dark towards the end…..would not recommend it to you kids who watches animes….it has disturbing scenes especially at the end….I would not want to watch it ever again


    • Seriously!? This is what grossed you out? Go watch corpse party or another really gross anime because school days was horrible and there was nothing disgusting in it.


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