Chapter 737 starts off where the previous chapter ended… With the arrival of Pika. As predicted, he does indeed hold the rock based fruit called the Ishi-Ishi no Mi which translates to Stone-Stone Fruit. It grants him the ability of Stone Absorption.

Violet is very afraid because this guy is a beast. Even Zoro notes that this power is beyond just being a Stone-Human. Violet explains this beast can control all the stone he touches. The whole palace is made of stone… hence, he controls the whole building. His essence becomes a part of the stone he touches. DAMN!

They’re in a lot trouble because this guy is in his backyard basically. They are at a huge disadvantage. I mean now I see why he never leaves the palace. He is the perfect guardian for the palace. This was why Violet was trying not to get caught.

Next thing you know, the bloody walls begin to draw closer, looking to crush all three of them. Our suspicions were correct in assuming Kinemon was no longer with them because we don’t see a sign of him. Although it looks grim… Let us not forget, both Luffy and Zoro can destroy the palace should they want to. They have enough strength to do so I believe… So Pika, you better not underestimate these two. You have no idea who you’re up against.

Switching to the Coliseum, we finally get to see some action. And I mean real action! Not only do we see Jesus Burgess and Sabo in action… We get to catch a glimpse of their fighting styles as well. It starts off with Burgess taking out a fighting fish with his elbow armor using an attack known as “SURGE ELBOW!”

The attack is so frickin’ powerful, not only does it completely take-out the fighting fish but also causes the whole coliseum to shake. And it doesn’t stop there… It also takes out a portion of the crowd creating “an air hole in the audience”. I’m not sure how that works but I think his arm has some kind of weapon and can generate some kind of ammunition. Smoke can be seen escaping the holes in his elbow which means they must fire some kind of something…

It is also common knowledge that Blackbeard has “10 Giant Captains” with Jesus Burgess being one of them. He’s managed to get 10 Giants on his side? Well he already had a few before and well it was obvious he was going to expand over two years. I wonder how strong he is exactly.

Jesus Burgess has enjoyed causing harm to the audience it seems, the despicable bastard.

Just when you were getting hyped up about Jesus Burgess, the fighter fish with the Mera-Mera no Mi shows up. Well we still aren’t certain that the fruit will be in the container.

Rebecca dodges it and is targeting the chain that is wrapped around it. If the chain becomes lose, the fruit can drop. That’s good thinking from Rebecca.

Sabo/Lucy has other plans. He immediately launches himself on the fish’s back. The others however aren’t going to let him get away so Diamante is the first to launch an attack with his sword but Sabo’s pipe splits it in half! That pipe is damn strong.

Jesus Burgess gets involved and plans to “knock them both down.” Whilst he prepares his cannon, the crowd run away. Even Rebecca is hiding behind Barty to avoid the blow, with him being an obvious shield. It doesn’t seem like Lucy will have enough time as the Surge Elbow attack is about to be executed. However, Sabo forms a claw out of his hand, a “DRAGON CLAW” to be precise… Perhaps in honour of Dragon himself. I mean it could be possible this is based on Dragon’s fighting style and was taught to Sabo by the man himself. WHOA! That is just WHOA!

Next thing you know, he has appeared right up close to Jesus Burgess using immense speed that could rival Soru and his hand strikes Burgess’ armour. And his hand…


I knew it. He would be a user of Haki!

Burgess’ armour breaks into pieces… He doesn’t seem happy about it. Rebecca is shocked whilst Barty is in full fan-girl mode like all us fans. SABO IS HELLA STRONG!

Even Diamante is questioning whether he really is Luffy. I mean the fighting style is totally different so it does raise the question.

We switch to the factory with Usopp and Robin… It is noted that new toy’s are being released which confirms Sugar is in the Executive Tower. It’s a tower that connects to all these rubbish chutes that provide Sugar with humans, who she then touches in order to turn them into toys and can even programme them. She can actually tell them what to do and they can’t refuse. It reminds you a little of Doflamingo’s own power but this is mass production man. It’s on the scale of Lelouche from Code Geass considering she calls it a contract. Toy-Master would be a good name to give to this girl. She is definitely Doflamingo’s most powerful possession. I would say her ability is on par with Gecko Moriah’s. All she has to do is keep away from her enemies… This power is CRAZEH!

She also has a very direct approach to things. A likeable personality, despite her weird ass power. I think being in the form of a cute little girl helps…

We also learn that Trebol’s power comes from the Beta-Beta no Mi which translates to Sticky Sticky Devil Fruit. I’m not sure what it can actually do besides making things stick but I sure as hell hope its not a logia. All this time we thought it was just snot… Cavendish falls victim to the fruit along with the Hack the Fishman and the King with the Punch.

I was expecting Cavendish to put up more of a fight. He should have realised things were going to turn bad when they brought him into the room. I think its the little girl appearance that fools everybody. It is confirmed Hack is actually working with the revolutionaries as he mentions Koala by name.

But all is not lost. The Tonatta tribe have got a plan. Little sugar always eats grapes. It’s like her most favourite food being the little brat she is. They’ve created the hottest spice in the form of a grape. It has been tested on the dwarves and it known to almost kill them. That’s how powerful this spice is so hopefully, fingers crossed, it will affect the little girl long enough for her power to stop working. That’s when the chaos will take place with all the toys returning to their true form. THIS IS IT! It’s all up to the little people to make sure Sugar eats the grape.

Some sad sad news guys. It’s not cool to finish off on a sad note but we have like no choice…