Thief – The Shadow is Your Friend

THIEF (25-28/2/14)

Cinematic Trailer

 Based in a fictional place ‘The City’ where the a plague is running rampant. The rich continue to live in desirable conditions and protected by ‘The Baron’. The situation is dire and the thief sees and opportunity to turn his fortunes. In comes Garret, ‘The Thief’ determined to line his pockets.

Created and published by Eidos Montreal and Square Enix respectively, this open world is vast and full of treasures ready to be taken. Greedy individuals in need of your special services. Many possibilities are available to the player and a new focus meter allows hidden jewels and compartments otherwise unattainable via plain sight.

Released by the end of this month, a awesomely dark and ominous open world (sandbox my favourite) game. Its your choice, do you want to be lethal, or as silent as the wind. Either way your bow is your partner.

The shadow is your friend!

Excitation Rating: 6/10


2 responses to “Thief – The Shadow is Your Friend

  1. I am really looking forward to seeing how it does. Stealth isn’t really my thing, but having no games to play isn’t my thing either, so I will likely get it if it is good. The trailer looks promising at least!


    • I for one enjoy stealth… up until you keep getting caught. LOL… The bow looks promising as well so hopefully the game will live up to promise. Although as the thing is with games, the trailer only shows half the picture. Hands-On experience can be a whole different thing. Here’s hoping for the best.


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