The END for FAIRY TAIL!?! – Fairy Tail #370 Review

The last Fairy Tail chapter was quite disappointing for me… I wanted a little bit more. Unfortunately… Everything went according to plan and nothing stood out for me in this chapter… although the Demons of Tartarus did end up falling short in their haste.

There were both some positives and negatives in this chapter and I will explore them all in my review…

We start off with Face almost activating

Although it pulls its face out of the ground, the face needs a manual activation as well… Something the Demons didn’t know. It wouldn’t have been a problem should the ex-Chairman of the council still be alive… But unfortunately, the lesbian dominatrix Leader of Demon’s; Kyouka decided to kill the bastard.

Well done you… Now you gotta wait longer… Patience takes you a long way. Had she been willing to go with the ex-Chairman’s plan, they wouldn’t have this annoying problem on their hands.

Kyouka is worried about Fairy Tail… And rightly so…!

Natsu and Lisanna look likely to escape… Somehow a sword has fallen nearby their cell. It looks more like a broom to me… But if Natsu called it a sword, that’s good enough for me.

Kyouka’s lesbian lover;  Sayla assured her, Fairy Tail will not be a problem. After all, she has Elfman on the job.

We meet a new member of Tartarus Guild… A young girl by the name of Lamy who seems to be very horny and in charge of making and reincarnating demons. Jackal and Tempest are reincarnated whilst Minerva arises as a new part of the family… Although the others don’t really take a liking to her.

Minerva was just born to be a Demon I think… A shame she got defeated and captured so easily… She should have just willingly joined their side I think…

Also… Tempest has suddenly got a random makeover… Just to make him a hunk.

Lamy decides to get to work on our beloved Mira and notices her pretty face. She doesn’t hide her intention to ruin her beauty though… the little bitch. She claims she will turn her into an ugly caterpillar.

A couple of notes… Lamy tries to be funny but isn’t… and Tempest seems to forget his memory every time he dies. I think that has more comic value than Lamy’s lame attempts. I wasn’t sure whether it was pronounced “Lamb-E” or “Lame-E” but I’m going with “Lame-E” now.

Although there was one moment that I did find funny… When she claimed Jackal’s angry face is so cute, it might get her pregnant. I think that was pretty funny from Mashima.

Cana still isn’t over about Elfman’s weird acting so she decides to follow up, only to discover the Lachryma bombIf only you had arrived sooner Cana… It’s too late now. She has a scuffle with Elfman but it is all too late. KABOOM!

All the while, cute little Levy had just pinpointed the location of Tartarus... They are right above Magnolia. Could you have imagined the coincidence… But that’s Fairy Tail for you.

R.I.P Fairy Tail Guild… And by R.I.P… I mean Reincarnate in Pride… Because that’s what they do…

My predictions… Fairy Tail will survive through some awesome magic by someone or something and then they will all go and kick Taratus ass! After all, they hardly need an explanation for anything. It will probably be Cana who uses Fairy Law or something to cancel it out and protect everybody. That’s my theory.


I liked the fact the old geezers death meant a downfall for Kyouka. It shows that being hasty in trying to get what you want can turn around and bite you in the ass so always be patient.

I also liked the reincarnating of Jackal and Tempest along with Minerva being born as a Demon. Although I would love some explanation as to how it works. Fairy Tail never explains anything… Like EVER!


The lack of movement in the plot… Yeah… All these major events are happening… But I don’t think they’ll be significant in the end. They never are… All I can see happening is Tartarus getting owned by Fairy Tail. I wish there was a lot more to it and a lot more explaining. Sometimes I feel Fairy Tail is aimed at a younger audience now.


I’m still finding these Natsu and Lisanna moments hilarious… Where she says “Look” as she points out the sword being available and Natsu looks at her and gets a right earful.

OVERALL, for me this chapter doesn’t warrant a rating above 5/10… A little better than last week but only by a hair. It’s still not doing it for me.


3 responses to “The END for FAIRY TAIL!?! – Fairy Tail #370 Review

  1. The next chapter is titled as “Song of the Heavenly (or is it Sky?) Dragon” so maybe it’s related to Wendy or Grandeeney. I’m also positive that they’ll survive that one. I slightly doubt that Cana is able to counter that explosion though…

    Or maybe, like what others are saying… Maybe we’ll get to know what Lumen Histoire is??? The one at the basement of the guild…

    Anyway, I really wanted to know what will happen now to my dearest Mira. Damn that Lamy, don’t she dare to ruin her like that! Though being a real demon would be a real power up to Mira…


    • Mira is already a demon in a sense… So it might not affect her… And yeah… It could have something to do with Wendy as well. Hadn’t thought of that. It would be interesting to see the Lumen Histoire activate though.


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