After reading this chapter…I was left feeling… AMBIVALENT

This chapter started off in a predictable fashion…Continuing on from where it had left off,  both Naruto and Sasuke are on the Brink of Death. Sakura begins to notice the Kyuubi’s Chakra diminishing…could it be… has Naruto…


Kishimoto does the unthinkable by technically killing off Naruto

Renaming his Manga, MADARA.

Holy Sage!!! I never expected  Naruto to die. I knew Kishimoto was trying to increase the suspense but, but Mother of Sage! This scene left me feeling venerable and defenceless to what came next

One thing I never fully understood was that, how come the Kyuubi’s Chakra remained around the Shinobi Alliance when it had been extracted from Naruto.  I’m glad Kishimoto cleared that up.

Everyone and their Grandmother Predicted this…


Gaara defiantly is taking Naruto to his father, Minato. It was too obvious, as there is no other logical explanation.  My only complaint was that is Minato blind? Could he not see that Naruto was in trouble once all the Bijuu’s had begun to be absorbed into the Gedo Maso. I completely understand why Minato couldn’t use the Flying Thunder God technique to get to Naruto now but if he was more aware of his surrounding he could have saved his Son. 

Damn you Kishimoto For making Sakura even more useless again by showing us that her Medical Ninjustsu has no effect on reviving Naruto.



The sheer amount of anxiety I felt while reading this page was unimaginable. My heart rate became arrhythmic, my breathing became  erratic and my hands became Numb.

I somehow found the strength to move on to the next page and what I sow was Unreal………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..



This scene left me feeling as though my Heart had actually Stopped.

This left me completely dazed… the scenario felt so unreal… I myself  felt as though I had to do something for Naruto.

The severity of the scene made me feel as though my body would Pass Out as the shock of realisation was too much to bear. It’s truly amazing when such simplicity can affect a person so considerably.


What an insane way to make Sakura look EMPOWERING. It wasn’t Sakura’s Medical Ninjutsu, nor was  it  her SuperHuman Strength  but in fact it was her Tenacity that Kishimoto wanted to highlight. He showed us exactly how strong minded Sakura really is. Defiantly a well executed and iconic scene. Go Sakura!

WTF did I just see


I know Bitches be Crazy but…this was RIDICULOUS

when I first looked at this scene I was like Woah! whats going on… nothing made sense to me… so once I re-read the page I was left like WTF… KARIN. Wait whaaat… is that really Karin? I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. I still don’t get how the hell Karin, stopped the Gaint Mokuten Statue like even Hiruzen Sarutobi just about managed to Neutralize it.

BUT Karin managed to pull some OverPowered Chains from her ass and she starts spouting nonsense like “Don’t underestimate me”. Honestly who the FUCK do you think you are Karin, acting all high and might. She acts as though she used those chains on purpose. Honestly Sasuke could have used your sorry ass when he was fighting Killer Bee or the Raikage but nooooo decided to stay useless.

I can’t accept this!

For me this is just complete and utter bullshit! I understand she’s an Uzumaki but to go ape shit for a boy… I hope you die!

Unfortunatly for me even though the swirly Zetsu put that useless women down she just started restoring her chakra by biting her arm. Again! now you decide to do that yourself. Why have you never felt the need to do it before arghh Karin you’ve really started to annoy me and for that I’m putting you below Sakura for Worst Main Characters of Naruto.


That Double Barrel attack was Hella cool even Swirly Zetsu Agrees.


So there is somebody new under the mask…Interesting. I wonder who it could be…? Most like it Yamato as Orochimaru Seemed to show interest in him in the last chapter but I think the next chapter will unveil the new Masked Man.

Do you Remember a time when  Bijuu’s were considered as some of the most powerful creatures of the world? Well now there just mere toys for Madara. He scoops them up like candy and devours the Jyuubi like a piece of Cake…

Can this guy get any MORE BADASS!!!


Now that What I Call a Real BADASS SAGE

Nothing Much to add to this… He was OP before and Now he’s… Fuck you Madara, how much more Power do you need just Stop it! 

Ok… ok… you do look Hotter than Obito… HAPPY!

Next weeks Chapter we get to see Two Eyed Madara vs the Minato Kakashi and Gay Tag team. Will Gay open the 8th Gate or will Madara just one shot Kakashi and guy?

I hope Minato Saves the duo as I really don’t want to see Kakashi and Gay Sensei be death fodder for Madara.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to talk about his next scene as I’m too annoyed to even rant about it.


KISHIMOTO!!! are you trying to give me a HEART ATTACK

Why would you even do this why…WHY!

This scene left me the Most Butt Hurt. I know its a giant Controversy .. but I’m sick and tired of you shit Kishimoto Enough is Enough!

How dare you try to mask this subliminal message under CPR! honestly Kishimoto why? I would have been happy if Akamaru performed this on Naruto but Sakura Argh!!! 

I’ll say this one last time… If Naruto doesn’t get with Hinata…


The chapter ends with a Mysterious Foot… who could it be


This Chapter Deserves a 9/10

Mind Blowing Chapter

Created a True Sense of Reality

MADARA the Badass Sage of  Six Paths

I would have given this chapter a 10/10 but Fucking Sakura

I hope you guys enjoy my in-depth Review feel free to comment on anything.

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