Here it is guys… Something you probably weren’t expecting but Sleeping Geeks have started their very own Podcast. We are just as surprised as you are…

Our podcast is very Raw I would say… More on the Rookie Level than anything else…

We are learning and had a lot of fun making this.

This podcast was comprised by Desperado(Shaki), HauntingLime(Faraz), UnlimitedResolve(Tai) & AlphaOmega(Michael). We did the whole thing over Skype over a period of two hours… Why so long? Well the topic at hand was a very controversial one. Yes we went there… We compared the BIG THREE! It wasn’t just the anime we were comparing but also the manga.

A lot of difference in opinion and a lot of banter involved. There was a lot of going back and forth between the three but we tried to keep it organised. I hope you enjoyed our reviews of the big three and the comparisons. Please do watch it and leave your feedback. We would really appreciate it guys!

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