This is one of those posts where I track the progress Sleeping Geeks is making.

This is my 100th Post on Sleeping Geeks so it serves as a Landmark… Now at the Start of January I did something of a progress report and talked about attaining targets. I had set myself a few targets to reach by the end of January… I know I am a bit late in reporting but those targets have been long surpassed.

Targets for January:

  • 100 Blog Posts



This is what I was aiming to achieve with Sleeping Geeks after the first two complete months. We started on the 20th of November but the initial days were just used to set the site up and get familiar with our new surroundings.

Since January a lot of changes have taken place. Firstly, we welcome many new Geeks to join the Crew.

We have AshK47, Bronze Panic, Haunting Lime, Unlimited Resolve, Alpha Omega, Azura Tsuki and Red Koba.

That’s quite a lineup right?

Our combined efforts have seen us surpass all the previous records and smash the targets at hand…

Currently we stand at:

  • 140 Blog Posts (+40)

  • 210 Followers (+10)

  • 19,000 Views (+8,800)

Now that is quite an achievement in my eyes because I thought I had initially set my target quite high. Just shows that we are progressing far quicker than I had anticipated.

A lot of it comes down to our regular viewers who are constantly returning to read our articles and support us. A big thank-you to all of them!

Now I think it is time to set some new targets… This time for the end of March considering we are already part-way through February.

Targets for March:

  • 300 Blog Posts (That’s another 110 Posts in 52 Days; More than 2 a day on average.)

  • 300 Followers (The number of new followers we are now gaining has dropped therefore we must be more reasonable with this count.)

  • 40,000 Views (This is more than double our current view count. Can we do it? I think we can… We just have to work extremely hard and write awesome articles and reviews.)

Thank you for all your support and please help us expand and grow further!




SG Needs You

Sleeping Geeks is searching for new Recruits! We are expanding ever so quickly and we require more full time members to become a part of our network of Geeks.

We are looking for both WRITERS and PROMOTERS!

The writers are basically authors; those that will write articles for Sleeping Geeks. These can be thoughts, opinions, reviews… Whatever you like, as long as the content is awesome!

The Writers we are looking for can be in any of the following departments:







The Promoters we require are:

FACEBOOK PAGE MANAGER (Somebody who will manage the FB Page and make sure our content is distributed amongst as many Geeks as possible)

GOOGLE+ PAGE MANAGER (Somebody who will manage the Google+ Page and make sure our content is distributed amongst as many Geeks as possible)

HEAD PROMOTER (Somebody who will look for more ways to promote our content across a large range of social networks and Geek related sites)

To apply to become a Sleeping Geeks, Email me at:

Mention what position you want to apply for and what you are willing to offer in your role.

That is all for this Progress Report… I’ll catch you guy again at the end of March… Which by no co-incidence is my BIRTHDAY! I planned that shit! So yeah… Thanks for reading all of