F***ing Carl!!! – The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 Review

This Episode!!!

An ultimate episode to get you back into the show.

I really enjoyed this episode. At first it felt like a standard Walking Dead episode but after breaking it down it was Truly Amazing. We got some much needed Character Development in the forms of Carl and Michonne. It was Perfect.

Words really can’t describe the episode so don’t hesitate, Just Watch it

Now if you’ve seen the episode here my spoiler filled Review. Enjoy and Subscribe 🙂


6 responses to “F***ing Carl!!! – The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 Review

    • We watch a lot of different shows at Sleeping Geeks. Walking Dead is a total GEEK show. I mean Zombie Apocalypse is a very geeky topic and a lot of geek fantasize about it. Most of us even have a Zombie Apocalypse plan written up in our heads. xD

      So what shows do you watch missy?


  1. Wasn’t a bad episode, besides Carl being a little bitch. Did anyone else feel like slapping him and saying “Your Dad ISN’T Superman and he can’t save eveyone!” *Slaps Carl*. Though it was good he realised at the end his Dad can only do so much and that he does need him!

    Being an angry disgruntled teen is hard enough in real life, must suck for Carl in the Zombie apocalypse! But still, I’d have to belt him!

    “The shoe, it’s his precious” had to laugh at that!

    It was also good to see a bit of back story for Michonne, I always thought the 2 lads she had as shields were her brothers, apparently not!

    I noticed something odd though, Carl was eating the tin of pudding on the roof of the house where the zombie was, yet the empty tin was outside the one where he and Rich stayed, and that’s how Michonne found them. Was the zombie in the same house or somewhere else, because it seemed Carl went walkies and looked in another house.

    – Phil


    • To answer your question about how Michonne found Rick and Carl. The most probable being that Carl eat the pudding while he went back to the house where his father was. Obvious plot point to help Michonne find them in my opinion it was done well subtle but clear enough for Michonne to show curiosity 🙂


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