I’ve just seen this and I was blown away!

HBO have provided us with a whopping 15 minutes of Game of Thrones footage… I was lost for words when I saw this…

For those of you haven’t seen it. WATCH THIS!

What we have here is a behind-the-scenes footage of the new season. We have all the cast talking about their roles and about the stuff they get up to backstage. You will notice a lot of actors are similar to their actors in certain ways and yet some are very different.

There were a few scenes we get to see and a few dialogues to hear that really blew me away… I especially liked Arya Stark’s ‘Nothing is just Nothing’ quote. That was pretty bad-ass.

I loved the question and answer session where we get to learn what the cast think of the show. Apparently this new season will be more constant with the intensity. I think I would really like that. Last season had been pretty slow up until the Red Wedding. But that episode could make up for the whole season so no real complaints there.

So from the glimpses I saw, it looks like we will get to see a huge lavish wedding. A whole episode will be wasted on this unfortunately. Although I do like to see Miss Tyrell on stage.

Tyrion is going to be in some deep shit and his only friend is his sister-loving brother, Jaime. These two seem to get on well backstage. This dance was hilarious.

Shit is going to go down at the Nights Watch in their battles against the Wildlings and “You know nothing” Jon Snow is going to have to face his scary girlfriend once again. And he and Sam are going to be teaming up again!

What I am more excited to see is this new character… Oberyn Martell. There is this huge badassery about him and I feel he will clash with Sir Jaime Lannister… who has slowly become from my most hated to one of my favorites. There were countless times I wished to see him dead throughout the first two seasons. Now I want more screen time with my favourite incestuous King-Slayer.

Apparently there will be some trouble for Khaleesi. Her Baby Dragons have now become rebelling teenagers. A nightmare for all mothers… especially those that have dragon’s for children.

And I can’t wait to see more of this… Cannot get enough of these two!

Only 54 Days to go now… CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!!!