This Chapter OMG!!!

It was Amazing, didn’t see it coming.

Ahhh!!! Madara why you soo BADASS!

Firsts things first we messed up 😦 we did two separate videos on this chapter and twice we missed out on rating it…. Ok my own video was my own fault but ill rate it NOW!

This chapter I will give a Solid 8/10

A Father’s Love!

MADARA’s Badass Arrogance!

Ohhh that Ending!

This Chapter was amazing

Kishimoto has done a fine job keeping up the suspense for this long… and Surprisingly I’m not bored… I’m loving it. Cant wait to find out how Naruto will get revived and who the HELL is the Mysterious Character…

Please Kishimoto show us soon!

If the above review didn’t leave you Satified completely… well heres some bonus material to get you prediction juices flowing enjoy our discussion guys.

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