Top 10 Fairy Tail Couples – Valentine’s Special

With it being Valentine’s day and all, I thought I’d run through my favourite anime couples and why not start this series with Fairy Tail…

Fairy Tail has a huge following in terms of Anime Couples with the fandom constantly matching up one character with another. There is much bickering between the fans and Hiro Mashima gives us many moments to enjoy in the manga and anime. What’s I’m going to do is list my Top 10, starting with number 10.


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These two are a canon couple so they deserve a mention even though they’re not part of the main cast. These two are an example of the Fairy Tail mages who worked together and got married so gives hope for the rest of them.


Bacchus x Cana by Liz-050

Image Credit to Liz-050

I believe these two are suited as a couple as they both love to drink and flirt. This is like a match-up waiting to happen. I don’t see how these two cannot fall for one another. They are currently drinking buddies so accident’s can happen you know…


Wallpaper Elfman y Evergreen by KuroOkamiDesigns

Image Credit to KuroOkamiDesigns

This one is obvious. Both these two have a things going on but are shy about expressing it. They also belong to different groups within the Fairy Tail Guild but the love is definitely there.


Image taken from from Gaia Online

Ever since their fight, courtesy of Laxus being a douche… I feel they’ve clicked. Although no real romance but these two can definitely work-out. A match-up more than anything else but still pretty cool.


Image Credit to VaatiLatoan

It is obvious as broad daylight that Happy is infatuated with Carla who is playing hard to get. I think when the time is right, these two will make babies become a couple.


Image Taken from NarutoForums

Now this will be a troublesome one amongst the NaLu fans… I just think Natsu and Lucy aren’t meant to be. They’re just good friends. Loke seems to be the one for Lucy in my opinion. He’s like her shining armour, always appearing when she most needs him. Although Loke is a bit of a player, I think he would settle for Lucy.


Image Credit to Alois Pyon

The second of our controversial pairing. These two are childhood friends. They grew up together and promised they would marry one another with Happy being their child. Obviously Lisanna disappeared and this stopped their relationship from developing but now that she has returned, I think it there to blossom.


Image Credit to

This is a complicated love hate relationship. They both love each other but Jellal has an evil past for which although Erza has forgiven him, there are scars that remain. But their love for one another is stronger than anything else so I think it will prevail in the end.


GaLe y Lily by MisakiByakko

Image Credit to MisakiByakko

This has to be the cutest couple. Gajeel is huge and she’s tiny. He’s a beast and she’s a beauty… Yet they work-out. Neither of them show it, but it is there… The budding romance. I mean, why else would Gajeel offer his help out of all others, randomly, in the S-Class Tournament.


Image Credit to xBebiiAnn

The couple that no-one can deny. Juvia loves Gray-Sama. She loves him so much that she quit her previous guild and join Fairy-Tail so she could be closer to him. She is deeply and madly in love with him and often portrays overly obsessed girlfriend habits, although they aren’t officially a couple. What is interesting is that when Gray’s best friend and rival Lyon declared his feelings for Juvia, Gray fought with all he had in order to not let him have her. It’s clear he cares about her, although he won’t admit it yet.



5 responses to “Top 10 Fairy Tail Couples – Valentine’s Special

    • Thanks. ^_^

      Yeah, Fairy Tail is one of those anime that is very popular with the younger audiences, boys and girls alike for this reason. Almost all the main characters are romantically linked with someone else.


  1. NaLu has way more development then NaLi, though. Natsu doesn’t even really care abou Lisanna. He always is there to protect Lucy. You don’t see him sneaking into Lisanna’s house, do you? The only reason people shipped them is because of childhood. If you said you liked a girl when you were a little kid, are you bound to date her when you’re older? No!

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