This chapter was all about starting the counter-attack. This chapter was all about Cana, Erza and Mira… The S-Class female trio of Fairy Tail. I like how the girls in Fairy Tail aren’t useless compared to some of the other manga. Cough Bleach & Naruto Cough

Everything just fell apart for the Demons and the Fairies are back in the driver’s seat. Now I didn’t know how exactly it would all work out but if you recall in my previous review… I did say I expect Cana to pull through with some form of magic and save everyone. AND SHE DID! I was absolutely CORRECT!

It was a cool ‘trick’… I mean it was literally a ‘card trick’… She planted everyone including herself into cards and transferred them using Happy, Carla and Panther-Lily.

The Demons were shocked to learn that such a heavy force was heading their way… but learnt of the magic Fairy Tail had done thanks to Cana. I’m glad she’s played another important role here. She is one of the coolest characters from amongst them. I say that because she has a cool back-story with trying to be good enough for her father and she has her imperfections with her drinking and gambling.

The Demon’s prepare their defences and use the cubes gravitational pull to land the Fairies at the bottom of the cube. This would allow Kyouka to get everything set in order to take the Fairies on.

That little brat seems to have planted the Demon Factor in Mira… For a moment I was thinking…. NOOOO! Don’t let Mira become an evil bitch… But again my prediction came through/true. Mira is already a Demon so the Demon Factor doesn’t affect her much… Other than awaken her SATANIC SOUL!


Talking about EPIC FAILS. Kyouka decides to use Erza as a hostage… Too late BITCH! Natsu and Lisanna have already freed TITANIA. And she is ready to get her REVENGE ON! She’s already taken out Kyouka’s big ass ugly pet… KYOUKA… YOU’RE NEXT!!!


I liked the change in expressions with Sayla. One moment she is blushing in praises considering her work to be a success and next minute, she is in utter shock at what she’s done. Having failed they are in a whole lot of trouble. They let their guard down thinking the job was done.

I liked how Mira stands over Elfman after he’s recovered from his trance and doesn’t even hold it against. Forgives in the bat of a lash and tells him to get to his feet and rescue his sisters.


Surprisingly, there was nothing really bad about this episode. In Fairy Tail standards, it was a good episode. The only thing I would say, they did the shift in power way too quickly.

It was an enjoyable chapter but I think the Mira thing could have waited for another moment. They could have had us going for a little longer and just when it seems she would take on Fairy Tail in her Satanic Soul Form, she would realign herself with Fairy Tail and explain everything at that moment.


I found this quote to be hilarious by one of the town members… Just after the Guild exploded; he had the following words to say… “After all we did in helping rebuild it…”

The guy was upset about his hard work going to waste…. More so than the possible demise of the Fairies.

OVERALL, this chapter gets a solid 8/10 for me. I liked counter-attacks and shit like this. Plus my predictions came true. I guess that has a down-side because it means the show is very predictable. But it also allows us to predict and be true so lives up to expectation in a sense.