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With there being no One Piece this week, HauntingLime asked me to provide the viewers of Sleeping Geeks with a post that will predict the upcoming future of One Piece (Considering I have such AWESOME knowledge on the subject).

So what do I think will happen in Chapter #738?

Trebol Diamante Pika

This chapter will focus on three head executives of Doflamingo; Diamante, Trebol and Pika. Although we’ve had there Devil Fruit abilities revealed… we don’t know the extent of their power. These three have an important part to play. Just as much as the CP9 I would say.

Well considering where we left off from last week, this is what I think will happen with each party.



In the Coliseum, I believe we will see more action. Nobody is going to take the fruit this easily. After all, this is the final fight of the tournament and Oda will not disappoint. I mean we were already so impressed with the Sabo and Burgess Clash; I believe there is a whole lot more action to come.

Firstly, Diamante will show his true power. That dude is ‘THE HERO’ of the Coliseum. Considering the strength of the competitors, I believe he must be awfully strong. He hasn’t shown much yet considering Sabo’s Pipe proved to be over-powered as fuck.

I also think Rebecca and Bartolomeo will get involved. Barty will probably come to Sabo’s aid and the two will form an alliance. I don’t think Sabo will completely trust our boy Barty yet but Bartolomeo will be completely loyal to Sabo. Rebecca will try to get the fruit but do so in a subtle manner; trying to stay alive and keep her eyes on the prize.

I think we will see Bartolomeo using his Devil Fruit but considering how over-powered it is, I believe we will see a weakness to it as well at some point during this fight. All Devil Fruit users have some sort of weakness or limit. This Barrier-Fruit must also have one.

Jesus Burgess I think was taking it easy up until this point so it is very likely he too is going to rampage a little. Show off his true strength. He doesn’t like to lose. He loves to win. Remember on Jaya, when he was going around defeating everybody on the island whilst Blackbeard ate Cherry Pie… Yeah, I remember…


Pika the MONSTER is going to be left to deal with the BEAST that is Zoro. I honestly feel sorry for Pika that he has to go up against such a man. Honestly though, Zoro! The best bet Pika would have is to assimilate the rock into a building with many staircases and hide within it. Zoro would just get lost and keep himself occupied for eternity.

I think we might see a bit of Kinemon and what he is up to. He just randomly disappeared without even an explanation. No, “alright guys… I’ll be going now” or an “I need to go find my friend so I leave this to you”… He just vanished. What if it was a trap in the wall or something? It doesn’t really make sense for him to leave without a word now that I think about it.


The plan with the fake, chilly-induced grape is going to fail. I have a feeling. Usopp will have to man up and do some real work. It is an admirable plan from such small people but I don’t think Oda would allow it to be so easy.

Here is a theory… What if Sugar becoming unconscious isn’t enough? What if she has to willingly turn them back or they remain. There is no guarantee to such a thing working. After all it is a theory. That would be such a troll thing to do on Oda’s part though…. Although I doubt it would turn out that way.

I had a theory about Trebol’s power… What if he can absorb people into his body? Like infuse them inside him. I mean he has the Sticky-Sticky Fruit right? So it may be possible to stick them inside that big black cloak he wears. This is One Piece… It could be possible. This is no fantasy or fetish but I can see Robin getting caught in his sticky set-up. Then it would be up to Usopp to step up.

Lao G is one badass. His fight with Soldier-San is going to carry on I believe but I don’t see Lao G losing without an intervention. At the moment I am unsure who will intervene but this fight is totally unfair. The poor Toy-Soldier only has one leg.

Also, I think Franky might take a beating. I don’t see how he can hold it out against so many enemies. He too needs an intervention… otherwise; things might get a little difficult for him. If only we had the other Straw-Hats.

* * *

Now these are just some thoughts for the upcoming Chapter. I don’t really know what’s going to happen but I am expecting something good. A week’s break gets my expectations up.