I have to admit, this chapter was highly disappointing considering the week we had to wait. For the past few weeks, we have been switching back and forth between the different events that are taking place. I guess the plot was moving slowly with Tontatta Tribe and Usoland in their efforts to take out Sugar but spending the whole chapter on one aspect of the plot is a little boring.

This chapter explored Sugar and Trebol as well as the team that was supposed to take them out. The whole plan was unorganized and everything failed.

The other aspect we got to see was a little bit more about the nature of these dwarves/fairies. They are easily manipulated hence the reason why they continue to work for Doflamingo and also we got an insight as to why they are required by Doflamingo.

Thanks to the flash-back/back-story that was presented to us, we got to understand the situation they are in and why these dwarves are involved. Apparently they are good with fruits and their services are required in helping produce the Artificial Devil Fruits from S.A.D.

With Mon Cherie (Manshelly), their princess being held captive, they are being forced to believe their work will help cure an illness she has contracted and the dwarves being naïve creatures have fallen for their lies. They are denied the chance to meet her as the disease is said to be contagious. Thus they have loyal workers in the form of the Tontatta tribe captives.

The chapter had a few good points that I will mention. The first being, we got to see Robin-Chan. She’s been really quiet recently and therefore her having screen time was a plus. Well I know it’s not technically screen time but page time sounds lame.

So Robin decided it was too dangerous to carry out the task with Trebol in the room considering his eyesight is so sharp. Took out a fly bang in between the eyes… I could definitely see him contesting Usopp for that reason. However our sniper would be more suited in taking on Sugar considering she would not be able to touch him from the distance.

However the little interaction that followed with Robin disguising herself as a Factory Worker and distracting Trebol into leaving the executive tower makes me thing she will have to take on that beast of a man.

I think the main talking point here was the shadow clone jutsu type deal Robin pulled on Trebol.

He followed her out and realised the skirmish was just some wasps the Tontatta tribe had used as a distraction. Plus, Sugar let him know she was being attacked. However when Trebol approached Robin she went ‘poof’. Vanished! And I immediately thought NARUTO!

Also, Trebol’s strength is to note. The Executive used his glue to lift a whole ship and send it crashing… A WHOLE FRICKIN’ SHIP!

Sugar I also liked in this chapter as she shows she isn’t afraid of fighting on her own and has a lot of confidence in her abilities. She turned a whole bunch of the fairies into toys making them fight amongst one another. I love the way she forms her contracts as well.

What I disliked about this chapter is Usopp’s refusal to actually do anything. He’s not just acting cowardly; he’s acting like a little bitch. Honestly, it’s only a little girl yet he’s still afraid.

So we did get to see more of Trebol like I had predicted and the original plan for the Tontatta tribe failed… but apart from that, we haven’t really seen much else from my predictions.

I really hope next chapter is a whole lot better.