DESTINY (9/9/14)

The leading companies of the FPS world combine and give us Destiny. Its almost like when two of your favourite artists combine you don’t know whether your gonna love it or hate it!

Is it gonna be more of a Halo or more of a Cod feel to it? Whats the multiplayer going to be like? Which elements of each game will be sacrificed and will that reduce the overall quality of the game?

Those are some of the things running through my mind (and im sure your thinking the same thing) but with two heavyweights somethings giving me hope that this will challenge what has already been a good build up to Titanfall.

Some of the things in the trailer did remind me of several things. The story loosely based on an Attack on Titan scenario. Some units and different alien species remind me Halo. There seems to be some sort of magic involved or is that my imagination getting the better of me.

The FPS genre itself has taken a step forward almost discarding single player campaigns and replacing it with a more MMO style. This is really evident with a new  Public event that Bungie is again trying to push the boundaries as they did with Halo 2 but now with the backing of Activision.

I can see this and Titanfall setting the platform for games to come!

Excitation Rating : 9/10

I feel a little let down that Destiny may be released at a later date, having recently bought a gaming PC 😦


4 responses to “DESTINY – BUNGIE + ACTIVISION = ?

  1. “Two of your favorite artists?!” Activision and Bungie are your two fave artists?! You have got to be fucking kidding me!! Hahahahaha, what, are you 12?! As long as is not painfully chessy (like their other crap) and has a crap story like Galo it should be at least alright but, I’m certainly not keeping my fingers crossed, that is for sure!


    • Each to his own. Halo is more a slow chessy game like you mentioned, Whereas cod is an arcade style game. Both different but with their own traits. If you don’t enjoy their games fair enough


    • Erm… Last time I checked, both Halo and COD are adult games or near enough with ratings of 16+ so ridiculing somebody of being 12 years old for being a fan of these games is on the verge of stupid. Fair enough, there are many young kids playing the game but let’s not forget the target audience for these games.

      Also, last time I checked, both Activision and Bungie are leading names in the FPS category so for them to be favourites is not surprising at all. Not sure what planet you’re living on.


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