One Piece 739 was not spectacular but still very interesting. Although the story didn’t progress, we got some more backstory. There was a lot of interest regarding the Gladiator with the statue; Bronze Kyros. Many believed the legend might be in relation to the Roger Pirates considering there’s Gold Roger, Silvers Rayleigh so a member known as Bronze Kyros was very much in the possibility category.

Let’s break it down from the start of the chapter. The ship that Trebol chucked crashed through the Executive Tower and broke the whole bloody thing. This guy sure has quite a temper. Destroyed his own living area.

It knocked out the Tontatta tribe members and poor little Leo was left for interrogation. Now we got to see a little bit more naivety the dwarves are famous for. Trebol found it very easily to pick out the information from them by claiming Usopp was his childhood friend and that he already knew about the Thunder Soldier being part of the plan.

The dwarves are still trying to fight on despite being in such a poor state. Usopp questions their resolve and learns that they have their total faith in their captain and they are set on rescuing their comrades much like how the Straw-Hats work. I believe now is the time for Usopp to step up and show why he is a member of the Straw-Hat Crew!

We learnt that the sticky substance Trebol produces is flammable. If that is the case, it could potentially be exploited by Usopp in his fight against Trebol. It looks more likely to happen now.

We also learn who the Thunder Soldier really is… We get a bit of a back-story. Rebecca, despite being only 16 wishes to enter the tournament. She questions the legend of the Gladiator from the statue who is known as Kyros because she thinks its only a symbol of hope as nobody remembers him. 3000 wins is a huge feat so I can understand her questioning it. However she also has a moment where she snapped at her father claiming he wasn’t her father as she has no memory of soldier san in his human form.


The emotions in this scene were just EPIC! Can’t wait to see it animated!

This is where it gets interesting… It is revealed… The reason why the Tontatta tribe have so much faith in the Toy-Soldier is because he was… KYROS! This guy was a beast! So they believe he is the only one that can defeat Doflamingo! This makes everything so much more interesting. They also reveal he was the first human to be turned into a toy by sugar and the only one that didn’t receive a contract… hence why he knows everything about her. Again, this makes for an interesting story and opens the door to future possibilities…

I had a theory ‘BRONZE’ Kyros may have been a part of the Roger Pirates considering we have… ‘GOLD’ Roger, ‘SILVERS’ Rayleigh… So ‘BRONZE’ Kyros makes a lot of sense. But we shall see… Then again, it may just be a Bronze Statue without any significance.

Currently, our Gladiator Toy is in the lift getting his ass kicked by Lao G but the lift has reached the palace. The Tontatta tribe members that were with him are no doing their all to help him defeat the old karate expert.

In the Coliseum, Rebecca finally decides to attack and her target is Diamante, but the bastard is way too strong for her. His ability is starting to show its true form. The sword immediately becomes dull after touching him as the edge becomes flag like. He taunts her with her mothers death. It implies he may have been the one to have killed her. This is really distasteful to mock someone about how their mother died.

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-Protect that girl!!


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Sabo seems to have taken a liking to her and orders our beloved Bartolomeo… or Muscle Lemon as he decides to call him… to protect Rebecca. This is going to be interesting. We’re going to have a Diamante vs Bartolomeo and a Sabo vs Burgess.


And for those that didn’t realise… SUGAR IS AWESOME!