Did You Know It? #7 Uncommon Anime & Manga Facts

This is Auzora _ the intern here again with a new post . Hope you would like it .

We all watch anime . But there are still a lot of facts about it which we don’t know yet . Here are a few interesting facts about anime and Manga which we didn’t know yet :

1 ) The anime Death note was banned in China as it became so popular that Kids used to buy Death note Notebooks and write the names of all the people they hated and wished them to die !!

2 ) In Dragaon Ball – Z , the name of the Spirit bomb that is GENKI DAMA is actually a joke on Denki Gama which means Electric Rice Cooker in Japanese.

3 ) In Death Note manga, there is a Christmas 4 panel comic in which Ryuk asks Light for a Silver Game-boy Advance SP.

4)  Hello kitty is 37 years old ( Not sure if that is that considered as a part of Anime? )

5) When Naruto debuted, he was 12 years old. Today he would be TWENTY – NINE .

6) In Japan More paper is used to print Manga than Toiler paper !! O_o

7) One of Luffy’s favourite time pass is to eat watermelons late night. ( Okay , watermelons is understood but why only LATE NIGHT ?? )


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