Zeref’s Challenge! Life or Death? Who is E.N.D? – Fairy Tail #372-373 Review

This is a double chapter review…

Not much initially happened in these chapters but it kinda paved the way for what we will get to see in the near future. Basically and over arching plotline… Something that Fairy Tail has been in need of for a very long time.

It started with Erza and Kyouka getting it on…


They’re just fighting it out. That is all… Erza learns Jellal is not dead but Face was still activated but yet its not activated… Yeah. Its all very confusing.

Kyouka speaks of wanting to return to Zeref and how they have all come from Zeref’s book. I don’t really get Zeref. Kinda reminds me of a Satan figure who is misunderstood. Do not understand but there is rarely much that makes complete sense in Fairy Tail. You just continue to be perplexed in the not so awesome manner.

The Fairy Tail bunch that flew up using the card trick (courtesy of Cana) are finding it difficult to find a breach with enemies coming in left right and centre.

That was until Erza pulled out one of those crazy ass moments where she pierced through from one end of the cube to the other, literally creating a hole within the flying cube itself. Kyouka was on the receiving end of the Lance Attack.

Meanwhile, Natsu goes to take out some guards whilst Lisanna looks for Mira.

This is when things got interesting… Natsu runs into an old friend. I say old friend but he’s not really a friend, just that crazy Zeref guy who has taken an interest in our Dragon-Slayer. Did I mention their little meeting takes place in either another dimension or during a time-stop. Basically, everything around Natsu freezes… even the enemies in mid-air and the surroundings were changed from white to black in the manga so I assume time-stop or another dimension.

So they have this conversation about E.N.D… Now we aren’t aware of who or what this E.N.D is but we can definitely assume he will be Natsu’s biggest rival. Apparently he was is the strongest Demon from Zeref’s Book and even Igneel couldn’t defeat. NOT EVEN IGNEEL!!! We hardly ever hear about the Dragon that taught Natsu so there is some progression in the plot-line. Perhaps this is the reason why Zeref is interested in our young Dragon Slayer. Perhaps there is an ulterior motive behind it… But I said it before and I’ll say it again. This guy doesn’t seem like a bad guy. He’s got a way too innocent face to be totally evil. Just sayin’…

What does he mean by Life & Death? Do you have to die to defeat E.N.D? Hence it becomes your END! Just a theory!

We also had Lisanna find Mira; a lovely reunion.

Mira had already defeated that little bitch, but in steps the bigger bitch… I am talking about Sayla here. She seems pissed off about getting embarrassed in front of her lover Kyouka therefore Elfman failing to do his job must mean in his sisters being punished.

This next part was awesome because the look Mira gives her is priceless… Like you’re going to defeat me…? Forget taking my sister, you think you can take ME on? Sayla doesn’t realise, Mira is the deadliest of all demons!

The rest of the chapter 373 wasn’t as interesting. I mean Kyouka and Erza continued their fight whilst the rest of the Fairy Tail crew decided to enter the whole they had created with the duo of Wendy and Lucy finding their way to the control room. I wonder what’s going to happen next?


  • Zeref’s entry and his conversation with Natsu.
  • The mentioning of E.N.D yet keeping it mysterious along with the link to Igneel.
  • Erza creating a whole through the frickin’ moving, floating, cube island.
  • Mira giving that look to Sayla!


  • Wendy and Lucy. For some reason I found it annoying that they were left alone as I consider them really weak and boring.
  • Kyouka surviving Erza’s attack without much trouble. Should have done more damage I think.


  • Juvia coming to rescue Gray even though he didn’t need any… “HOW DARE YOU TRY TO HUG MY GRAY-SAMA FROM BEHIND!”… I ❤ Juvia-Kun!Juvia Lockser saving her man’s ass (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
  • And Erza’s face at the thought of revenge… That face was EPIC!

Overall I give this double chapter of Fairy-Tail an 8/10 because the story progressed well and we have a lot of action taking place which I enjoy.


12 responses to “Zeref’s Challenge! Life or Death? Who is E.N.D? – Fairy Tail #372-373 Review

  1. Oh Mira is so awesome. She’ll be having a power up for sure 🙂

    As for END, I think Natsu will decide whether or not to let him live. I believe it’s not like igneel can’t kill END but chose not to kill him. Something like that 🙂


    • Mira is going to use her Satan Soul on Syla! It’s going to be AWESOME!

      And that is an interesting theory with END… Natsu deciding whether to let him live… Must be a specific reason.


    • I personally think that Natsu is Master E.N.D or is connected to him in some way since Igneel wasn’t able to kill him (they didn’t say he couldn’t) because he loved Natsu(E.N.D) so the let him life and tried to mold him into his image. But that’s just my theory.


  2. i think END and natsu is just one person..
    zeref created the most powerful demon which is END/natsu..
    the reason why igneel couldnt kill END is because it is natsu. how can igneel kill his son?
    plus zeref says that it is up to natsu wether he kill END or not. i think it is because it is up to natsu if he will become END the demon created by zeref or he will remain as natsu of fairy tail.. what do you think?


      • It is possible since some people mention that END stands for Evil Natsu Dragneel. Zeref also said he wonders whether END or Natsu will be standing in front of him when he sees next time, possibly implying that Natsu might have to make choice between becoming evil or remaining good.


        • Yeah, that is a possible theory people have been mentioning and I think it’s pretty awesome if it was that way… But then again, I feel like there may actually be an actual E.N.D out there rather than just a battle within. Fairy Tail doesn’t really work like that. There has to be a physical battle in my opinion.


  3. I read it again and I agree on the theory that END is Natsu. Zeref insinuated that Igneel could have killed END, but chose not to. Perhaps Igneel knew that Natsu will be END, but instead of Killing him, he became fond of him and trained him instead to become a slayer (maybe for purposes of Acnologia) and to beat Zeref when the time comes (because Igneel took care of Natsu, he didn’t become evil).

    Also, if I remember correctly, when Zeref and Natsu first met in Tenrou, Zeref commented that Natsu still cannot kill him. In that regard, I theorize that END(Natsu) was created by Zeref to kill his immortal self.


  4. Another HINT on this natsu/END theory.. latest chapter 394. Silver provide ice demon slaying to gray because END is a flame type demon.. hmm wonder what will gray feel if he found out that it is natsu(if the theory is correct)


  5. Maybe Etherious (E.N.D.) is put inside the body of Natsu!! So Etherious (E.N.D.) and Natsu are totally different. That’s why Igneel can’t kill him instead he sealed it from within. So he put Natsu into the light!! Exposing him to magic, to life! That’s why Zeref is longing to meet Natsu, no, perhaps E.N.D.!! I think E.N.D. stands for Etherious Natsu’s Demon inside. Just a theory!! 😄😃 well …. let’s leave it to Our Author Hiro Mashima! Fighting Fairytail!


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