My Beast

It’s been almost an age since I had my previous PC almost 8 years ago. Not the best shit at that time but it did what is was supposed to.

When bringing the hunky husky box home, some things came back to me instantly. The feel of the ergonomic mouse in my right hand and the huge number of buttons available to my left hand, almost had me in tears. šŸ˜„

Oh how I have missed thee!!

With some help searching with UnlimitedResolve we stumbled on this beast:


Intel core i5-2500K CPU AT 3.30GHz

8GB of RAM

2x 5870 AMD Radeon

SanDisk 250GB SSD

Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB HDD


OK, I get it its not amazing but it pretty beastly for my budget and perhaps later I could do a few upgrades. Any suggestions would be great šŸ˜€

PS: The damned thing needs a good clean as you may have noticed šŸ˜¦

Footage of Thief game play is soon to follow


8 responses to “My Beast

  1. Have fun gaming on that :]. I just upgraded my rig too but I have Nvidia instead of AMD. AMD is great too though :]


    • Thanks got a couple of games I’m going get as soon as they release. Just bought thief, looks good as far as I’ve played it. Titanfall is next week cant wait.


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