This chapter was Awesome! That is all I have to say… In fact it was so awesome… I wish I knew how to make AMV’s so I could make one for this chapter. I might even go ahead and learn.

The Cover Picture just explains how I feel about this chapter…



Lets start with the Bromanship between Zoro and Luffy

Because that’s literally how the chapter opens. We wanted to see what was going to happen now that Pika had showed up and we see Violet and Luffy running away. Violet has a concern for Zoro’s safety mentioning he was left behind. Luffy reacts with a … ‘Don’t worry about that guy, he can handle anything…’

Luffy and I both share the thought, Zoro could handle almost anything. I say almost because there is no way in hell he can handle a map and compass.

It’s going to awesome watching how Zoro chops up that rock. I reckon it’s going to be tough match because at the moment, Zoro cannot make heads or tails of the situation. Unfortunately, not much else happened in this area.

Now the rest of this chapter had a lot going on and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!


Firstly, Soldier-San along with the two dwarves charge onward but run into trouble in the form of Gladius!

Now this guy is pretty awesome. I know most of the Donquixote Family is pretty cool but I think he ranks up there with Diamante, Sugar, Baby-5 and Senor Pink for me. His attitude, his fighting style and his hair! This guys is frickin’ awesome!

So he has the Burst-Burst Fruit. All of a sudden, his previous hat exploding makes a lot of sense now because he literally causes things to burst once he grabs them. He took out the two dwarves no problem and Thunder Soldier wasn’t going to survive either had it not been for Luffy rushing in to save the day with a JET STAMP!

Now the next bit was pretty comical… Gladius is absolutely furious with Violet’s betrayal. She tries to explain that she was forced to be an ally and never planned to stick around but Gladius is having none of it and this time, even his helmet explodes revealing his spiked up hair, and it doubled up as an attack as well. How cool!

The attack actually hurts Violet which is strange considering Luffy was there so that doesn’t usually happen considering his body is made of rubber and can detect shit with his HakiInteresting. Is Luffy so stressed out that he just screwed it up?

Luffy wants to take him out but Violet manages to convince him to find Doflamingo. They take Kyros with them. Now this is interesting… Luffy is actually following instructions for once rather than going with his impulse. He needs to keep a cool head and save up the emotion and anger for when he needs to unleash it. Now is not the time.

And then we had the greatest moment in this chapter! One of the greatest in the history of One Piece, perhaps even the history of manga.


Making his very first appearance in One Piece… I present to you, DONQUIXOTE DOKINEMINGO

Our very own Kinemon has got himself a Doflamingo Disguise using his Devil Fruit Abilities and convinces Gladius he is the Shichibukai. He happens to gather information about Kanjuro. It seems the crafty samurai didn’t need saving. He’s already escaped. I thought I saw him hiding in a barrel in one of the anime episodes. Makes sense now.


Our beloved Robin acted in haste and has gotten herself turned into a toy. And I believe she has received no contract. It all happened very fast I believe as Oda showed us it through a flashback. We just see a random doll standing and she recalls how she used to be a beautiful woman by the name of Nico Robin and how she attempted to force the grape down Sugar’s mouth turned her into a toy.


I think she didn’t really expect to get turned into a toy if she used her Devil Fruit but I guess as she puts it herself…

Can you imagine the PSYCHOLOGICAL effect it will be having on Robin… Her whole life she has been running away. She was an abandoned child. Abandoned by the world. She finally gained recognition and found nakama. And now she has become a toy and her existence has disappeared. She is like an abandoned child once again.


Law! Trafalgar Law! He is alive and he spoke, he actually spoke and what did he say?

Law conscious again and as sassy as ever

I read that as “I can barely understand what THE FUCK you are saying…” in his sarcastic, sassy tone. BADASS LAW!

Basically, he’s conscious now and our beloved Law is being interrogated by his previous employer… Doflamingo!

Baby-5 is there and so is Buffalo. I thought that bastard die- … Never mind.

The scene was quite interesting to read and Baby-5 provided us with a comic moment. Overall it seems Doflamingo is stressed out and he can’t get shit out of Law who claims the alliance is over. Nothing more to it. THE END!

Obviously its not but still… What if? What about the Kaidou plan? Luffy, Kyros and Violet watch from the window having escaped from Gladius. Luffy has concerns for Law whilst the other two are worried about King Riku.


This is probably the lowest point in Usopp’s history. How Oda can take a Straw-Hat and have him stoop so low is beyond me but he’s done it. Usopp is officially the biggest coward in One Piece history. I can understand he is afraid but I was hoping he would stand his ground but I guess Robin no longer being in his memory would affect him.

He makes a bullshit excuse about having to escape and write a picture book about the Tontatte Tribe’s heroics but he’s packing his tail between his legs and running. That is the real story here. He has to step up right now because both Franky and Robin are counting on him right now. What is going to make him change his mind and return to fight. He is our only hope right now in this situation.

That is it for my review this week…. Hope you enjoyed the read! I loved the chapter and enjoyed writing this. Please share your thoughts and opinions on this chapter in the comments section below. Arigato and Peace Out!

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