Nanatsu no Taizai 68 - Page 17

Threader of the Dawn Roar: never a good man to disturb in his free time. Scary.

Nanatsu no Taizai 68 - Page 7

Hauser: not one for pulling his punches…

More on that later, as there’s a Holy Knight civil war going on. Brilliant.

First up, I think it’s worth mentioning that although I had my doubts about Geera’s sudden transition from explosive villian to Diane’s saviour, her dialogue with Helbram alleviated most of that. Her suspicions over the fate of her father seem justified in the face of Helbram’s blatant disregard for innocent life. More importantly, the tipping point must lie with his near killing of her younger brother. It would be enough to make anyone re-think their choice of employer. So for that, I’m happy to roll with it.

Regardless of my fading inhibitions, though, getting to see Geera and Hauser take on the full might of the Holy Knights together was awesome. I particularly enjoyed how quickly they adapted to each other’s fighting style, combining to real lay down the damage – despite their clear personality differences they real do make an excellent (if dsyfunctional) team. That bomb-tornado combo beat-down looked epic – again, when it comes to drawing fights,Suzuki Nakaba is proving a master.

Nanatsu no Taizai 68 - Page 9

Puurty. In a violent, explosive sort of a way, of course…

Can they win? As Geera herself alluded to, I think it’s unlikely. Their onslaught sure looked impressive, but I doubt it will have lasting consequences for Dreyfuss and co. Expect the Great Holy Knight to come roaring back in the next chapter…

Perhaps my biggest grumble about this chapter is just how quickly that tasty encounter was left behind so we could focus on Gowther. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gowther, but when it looked like he would be facing off against some fodder-Holy Knights I have to say my attention wavered. Still, that changed when Threader of the Dawn Roar made his appearance, swatting aside the lesser Knights in a fit of pique for disturbing him on his day off…

Nanatsu no Taizai 68 - Page 15

This panel pleased me greatly…

The fight between him and Gowther should be an interesting one, as it throws up some contrasting skills between Threader’s close quarters skills and Gowther’s dominance from long-range. (although I do imagine Gowther will win…).


  • The art was immense this chapter, some really spectacular action shots. Always great to see.
  • I’ve been wanting to see Holy Knights hitting other Holy Knights for a while, and it’s finally here! Just a shame there wasn’t more of it…


  • As above, I did feel a bit cheated by the sudden switch to Gowther, but I am quietly looking forward to his fight with Threader.


Great art,  went some way to cover the disappointment of not seeing  more of the geera/hauser mash-up, but at least we avoided a daft filler fight. This was a decent chapter which never really delivered on the great promise, so I’m giving it a solid  6.5/10.