These previous two Fairy Tail Chapters have been entertaining as usual but I am still awaiting something big to happen. So what do we currently have going on based on what has just occurred?

First we have Mashima-San being a troll and revealing the cliff-hanger from the previous chapter to be Hades. Franmalth managed to absorb that bastard’s power when he found his body which could prove to be dangerous. What he failed to realise is, Natsu is the one who defeated Master Hades in the first place, so all in all, this plan is a bit of a failure if you think about it.

Thing suddenly take for the worse when Franmalth manages to absorb Natsu’s Fire. This makes little sense because he claims to absorb souls. How can he absorb Natsu’s Fire… Unless, Natsu possesses part of the soul that Igneel left behind. That would make it interesting.

Elsewhere, Mirajane… Our beloved Mira is having a tough time against Syla, despite being in her satanic form. WTF? How strong is this Syla? Even Erza can’t seem to defeat Kyouka, despite lancing her through the frickin ground… Just shows that these Demons are hella powerful.

Everything basically relies on Wendy to ensure Face is activated… otherwise; the whole world of magic is in for it.

Now this won’t be easy as Wendy is up against a Demon of her own. And considering how scared and weak she is, this is going to be a tough task for the little Dragon-Slayer.

Obviously, it would be almost impossible for little Wendy to take on a Demon, even with the help of ‘intelligent’ Charle. However, Hiro Mashima pulled out a power-up for Wendy just when she needed it the most… Her very own DRAGON FORCE!

Nice one Mashima-San. Now she can probably compete with these Demons. Basically she gulped in her surroundings and became stronger… or something. Not quite sure how it works but like I’ve said many times before… this is FAIRY TAIL! FUCK LOGIC!


The Wendy Power-Up with the Dragon Force was the exciting point of the chapters. We finally get her to do something rather than Natsu or Erza.

The Mira and Syla fight is looking to be awesome! For once, somebody is giving Mira a really tough time. Damn Girl!


Lucy is looking as useless as always and we didn’t get to see enough of the other Fairy Tail members. I want to see what Gray and Gajeel are up to.


The Hades/FranMalth Troll Face was hilarious. I have got to rate Hiro Mashima for that.

so its hades

OVERALL, this double chapter gets a 7/10 for me… Not amazing but the story is progressing nicely and some awesome battles to see…