This chapter was…

*wipes tears away from eyes*


Why you do this to me Oda-Sensei? I’ve got tears flowing down my face, yet I’m laughing out loud. How do you do it? How can you make me feel such emotions in just a single chapter? HOW?

So we started off where we left off before the week hiatus with a continuation of Kyros’ backstory.

Kyros becomes this amazing gladiator that nobody can defeat. “3000 Wins” is no joke when it comes to fighting as a gladiator in a Colosseum. It just shows how strong Kyros truly is.

Many people would think this chapter is mostly about Kyros but they are wrong there. It teaches us almost as much about King Riku in this chapter as Kyros.

King Riku plays an interesting game here. He enters the Colosseum as a combatant named Ricky (Just like he has done in this very tournament in present day Dressrosa). During his fight with Kyros, his opponent figures out who he is and goes easy on him but defeats him non-the-less. This shows Riku that this man everybody claimed was a murderer was no monster. He was actually gentle, showing mercy to his opponent.

This shows us that King Riku is a gutsy man to step into the ring with a so-called ‘monster’ and also a wise one for not going by what others say and using his own judgement.

Kyros is appointed a Captain and Guardian to the Royal Family.

A 16-year-old Scarlett disagree’s with her father’s decision and continues to brand Kyros a murderer although the 11-year-old Violet can see through Kyros using her ability and knows he is a true man.

So Violet possessed this ability as a child hence why Doflamingo wanted to use her to his own benefit. Here I was thinking she gained the fruit after joining Doflamingo’s Crew.

This hatred from Scarlett suddenly turns into love after a rescue mission where she was captured by Pirates and was rescued by Kyros. She demands to marry Kyros much to the King’s and former Gladiator’s shock. This would be outrageous for the kingdom if the King allowed his daughter, a Princess, to marry a murderer. To compensate for this, they play a trick. They fake Scarlett’s death allowing the two to live their new lives freely.

The King here actually shows how compassionate he is to his daughter where he would allow her to die in front of the world so that she can attain her love. He is a great king and even greater father.

I love this guy! I truly think he is awesome! I hope I can be a father like him.

After Rebecca is born, Kyros is shown to avoid holding her as he feels she is too pure for him as he considers himself to be dirty. Probably because of the blood from his past that was on his hands. It is a joy to see the King disguise himself to visit his family and play with his granddaughter.

They are all truly happy and Kyros does eventually start holding his daughter.


Everything seems to be going well until Doflamingo arrives and ruins everything.

Once Kyros learns of Doflamingo’s arrival, he tells Scarlett to await at a meeting spot with their daughter and he would return for them. However things fall apart when he realises Doflamingo already knows of Scarlett and Rebecca’s existence and has targeted them as well.

I cant wait till we can hear Law backstory so we can hate Doffy a bit more

His fight against Doflamingo is short lived. First he sacrifices his leg in order to escape the chains and attack Doflamingo… followed by Sugar turning him into a Toy before he can make it. This was after Doflamingo offered Kyros to work under him.

He manages to escape immediately with King Riku once he realises but the damage is already done. He is no longer able to protect those he loved.

This explains the Toy’s broken leg. It was amputated before he fell victim to Sugar’s Devil Fruit abilities.

This is where things become crazy emotional.

Kyros rushes to King Riku but the old man seems to not remember who he is but asks for him to save his daughters. Kyros rushes back to his family but witnesses Scarlett getting shot. He doesn’t understand why she wasn’t hiding at the place he had told her to wait but soon realises his existence has faded from everybody’s memory as has his promise.

As he holds a dying Scarlett in his arms, she asks him to save her daughter. She has no memory of her husband; the man she loved and believes she is in the arms of a stranger.

Can you imagine what Kyros is going through. His wife is dying in his arms and he can’t even say goodbye to her. The woman you love is dying and you can’t even console her, tell you are there and you love her. That’s just wrong… So terribly awful.

I can feel tears swelling in my eyes as I write this. It is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. You’d think what could be worse than losing your loved one before your eyes right? Losing your loved one and not even being able to say goodbye is worse. Her not being able to even remember you or recognise you is worse.

Kyros has been through a lot and I totally feel for him. Had it not been for his daughter, I think he would have broken down.

We return from the flashback and there are a few things mentioned.

Firstly,Gladius becomes aware that Doflamingo was being impersonated so therefore they are hunting Kinemon down. Secondly, they mention the Colosseum may collapse due to the constant barrage of attacks Burgess is pulling out. It seems both Sabo and Burgess are enjoying their fight. Meanwhile Bartolomeo continues to block Diamante and protect Rebecca but the verbal abuse keeps on coming.

It is revealed in the flashback that it was indeed Diamante who shot Scarlett.


Luffy and Kyros exchange words in regards to them being Pirates and Kyros seems cool with it… Although for a moment I thought Luffy was talking to someone else... Also, they don’t think Franky and Usopp will be able to make it. Notes, they’ve already forgotten Robin was a part of their team.

Franky is shown at the feet of Mach Vise and Senor Pink, utterly defeated. He’s calling for Usoland to get the job done. Even the Gladiator’s turned toys and crying his name hoping he can defeat Sugar and Trebol. Cavendish mentions he will stop pursuing the Straw-Hats if he does so… and there are even offers of becoming his servant and giving him money.

That’s when we see Usopp… And he’s in worse shape than Franky; stuck the ground with Trebol’s sticky stuff and beaten to a pulp. Sugar decides to serve him the modified grape with the hot sauce.

What happens next totally took me by surprise. Sugar Faints! I REPEAT SUGAR BECOMES UNCONSCIOUS… She’s foaming at the mouth… All because of the reaction Usopp gives to the TataBabasco Grape.

That face… That face defeated Sugar!!! Or perhaps it was the second hand breath of the chilli that got to her… Either way, the job is done it seems. Next chapter should be awesome….

Also, I just realised… nobody would remember who Kyros was. Not even the Doflamingo Crew, hence it gives them an advantage once he turns back because they have not anticipated for the living legend Kyros to make an appearance. Although he would have to manage on a single leg. Should be interesting to see…

A bit of before and after with Oda displaying how memories are changed…

Overall, I loved this chapter. I truly thought it was awesome. Emotionally Awesome!