I bring you a double chapter Fairy Tail Review… Simply because there were two chapters this week… HOW AWESOME!

So we started with Wendy in her Super Saiyan Dragon Force Mode. Now I guess this makes more sense because Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer and her element is wind… Wind is technically air so she gets powered up by air and now she can control the air in her surroundings.
For once, Fairy Tail makes the slightest bit of sense. Well done Hiro Mashima… Here’s a Cookie. 😉

Wendy Marvell - Fairy Tail 377 by Asmin-Nst
So basically she kicks Demon butt whilst keeping an eye on the time. Obviously, she can’t let Face activate now that she’s unlocked her Super Saiyan Dragon Force abilities.

Wendy does her secret Dragon Slayer technique… Not sure when or how she learnt this… Maybe she was born with it… Maybe it’s Maybelline, but the thing is… Mashima suddenly gives the Demon she’s facing a sudden transformation and he suddenly goes from getting owned to all powerful again. But it doesn’t last… Wendy pulls a Natsu and blows him away… Literally!

Well, she mentions doing it like Natsu and then a gust of wind rushes through after doing multiple coils around her and she not only defeats the enemy but cracks “Face” into pieces. I think now would be a good time to say, “IN YOUR FACE, BITCH!”

However, this is where Mashima’s Troll trap kicked in. Despite Face breaking into rubble, it continues to countdown. Now the Epic Troll would be that it counts down and nothing happens but I doubt that’s going to happen. Somebody else will have to come and save the day. Wendy has done her bit and has collapsed due to fatigue.

Then shit gets real…! Not really but I just thought I’d emphasise this bit was meant to be really important and shit.

Carla/Charle (or whatever her name is) uses her prophecy technique. Now I’m sorry but I didn’t even realise she came with such a feature. Recalling my memory, I realised that this might be the case but seriously, if she can prophesize, they are definitely underusing her ability. She just came up with several different futures and chose the one that would help save the world’s magic. The only downside is… she has to sacrifice herself.

Sacrifice is awesome when you know it may actually be a sacrifice… But when you know it’s not going to turn out that way, it kinda becomes… well, it becomes meh. Like I don’t really care.

You. Are. Not. Going. To. Die! I could have bet all my life savings, my house, the lives of everybody I have ever loved (including my own because I love myself and I’m not afraid to admit it) that Wendy and Carla would survive.

And they did… thanks to Doranbolt coming to the rescue. What confuses me is… Why didn’t Carla see that one coming? It must have been part of all those prophecies that she scanned through her head in under a minute. All of this “bullshit/doesn’t make sense” was running through my head when I finally realised… THIS IS FAIRY TAIL! FUCK LOGIC!

With that, I end my review and rant. Didn’t even realise it turned into a rant all of a sudden. I guess the second chapter kinda killed it for me with the bullshit.

Entertaining chapters but completely forced and full of shit.

It doesn’t get a GOOD, BAD & FUNNY because there is nothing more to say.

Ratings for the two chapters combined = 5/10… Only because the Fairies aren’t actually kicking Demon ass at the moment and the fact that Mira, Erza and Gray are struggling against their opponents.