Okay, okay… I just need to absorb what I’ve just read. This chapter… Oda… Doflamingo…! Okay, let me just gather myself and breathe. Need to decide where I’m going to start off this review.

A Super Awesome Cover Page with Vivi and Carou playing Tennis.

I knew Oda-San wouldn’t disappoint with this chapter. We knew shit was going to go down and it did.

We started off with this chapter pretty much where the previous chapter had ended. Sugar has lost consciousness… That much is confirmed but it is still not very clear as to how exactly this came to be.

At first I was a bit sceptical about it as they showed us the different toys that stopped working to hear the screams of Usopp and Sugar. The reason behind this was… Oda has a tendency to do things that we don’t expect or see coming. Luckily enough, this wasn’t one of those and the toys did return to their original forms. This was confirmed by our lovely lady, Nico Robin, turning back to her beautiful form.

Cavendish, Don Chinjao and plenty of others are shown to return to their original forms and everybody’s memories seem to return as well. There were pirates, marines, Dressrosa soldiers, nation leaders, government officials and even frickin ANIMALS! She even turned Animals into how Toys. How sick in the head can you be…? There were all sorts that had been erased from existence thanks to the Hobi Hobi No Mi.

We had families being united and questioning themselves as to why they couldn’t remember.

This got me thinking… Would the person who was turned into a toy return as they were or would they have aged as a toy? Point to think about wouldn’t you say? Could give more explanation to Sugar not aging…

We have Trebol in a hysterical state calling up Doffy to tell him the horrid news and it seems he’s crying his eyes out because he knows how truly he screwed up. For the past 10 years, all the slaves they acquired all lost in a moment.

It was a very risky strategy for control… and considering it, I don’t think Doflamingo paid enough attention to Sugar’s safety. I’d keep her locked up in a tower somewhere with a huge, super-strong guard-… Oh wait. My bad… But seriously, I would have a whole lot of procedures in place to stop this from ever happening. Even Doflamingo knows how epically screwed he is.

This also got me thinking… Could it be that the CP0 were here to investigate the missing government officials/marines? Another point to think about… I mean, what other reason could they have of being undercover at Dressrosa? Or Perhaps it was because they heard news the Revolutionaries were arriving.

Vice-Admiral Bastille has approached Fujitora and explained the need for back-up?

Could they call upon another Admiral? Things could get interesting… Will we actually see Green Bull join the fray? I cannot wait.

Franky is still as defeated as ever and Diamante’s Army (Senor Pink, Mach Vise and Dellinger) are complaining about Sugar messing up although Senor Pink seems to be worried about her. Not quite sure when Dellinger joined them but glad to see him get involved in some way; one of the coolest of the Donquixote Pirates.

Zoro seems to be okay, just looks lost. All Pika needs to do now is add some stairs to the building. I kinda feel sorry for Zoro… He just wants to kick some ass and Pika is denying his the opportunity by hiding. Clearly he’s afraid of this bad-ass swordsman.

* * *

Then we have a really cool moment. All the dwarves are standing around a severely injured Usopp as Robin kneels besides him. They talk about how he rescued everybody and that Operation SOP has been a success. They even promise to build him that bronze statue…They’re all crying and are calling him a hero.

Usopp lifts his hand and makes a thumbs up before speaking. He’s struggling to talk but he does so regardless. He says, “Everything went according to plan…”

What does he mean? Was he planning to do this? Was this all planned? Did he do something on purpose in order to defeat Sugar? I want to know more. I’m intrigued. Did Usopp actually pull this off by his own accord and not be pot luck?

He then mentions, “My friends will take care of the rest…” This shows, he believes in his friends just like they believed in him. SO AWESOME!

Now normally, this is one of those moments that makes the whole chapter special. Unfortunately for Usopp, something else stole the spotlight and was the biggest talking point about this chapter.

Doflamingo is stressed out. You can see how worried he is. The expression on his face is crying out, “What the fuck do I do now? I am royally fucked!”

Pretty much the whole of Dressrosa want his head. They want payback… And none more so than our beloved Kyros!

Luffy realises he’s gone missing and notices a one legged man run off. It is thanks to Violet’s returning memories that she can explain who he truly is.

Violet is trying to explain but this all a bit too much for Luffy to take. I mean come on… He’s Soldier-San and he’s Kyros as well. He’s the Bronze Statue from the Colosseum and also Rebecca’s father… Not to mention, the Captain of King Riku’s Army. Luffy is bound to have his brain in a twist over this.

So what happens next is the pinnacle of this chapter… THE TALKING POINT!

But first we have a little mushy stuff with King Riku remembering who Kyros is and that day when the soldeir approached him; trying to tell him who he was. King Riku finally remembers the man who he entrusted his family to.

Kyros leaps with his sword just like he had done 10 years ago. It’s like a continuation of what would have occurred the previous time had Sugar not intervened and the result. The result is catastrophic. I mean like WHOA! This… THIS. WE. DID. NOT. EXPECT!

This is the moment I was talking about where Oda-San does something completely unexpected that takes us all back.


His head flies off his body and lands on the ground man. Like straight up decapitation Yo! This can’t be happening right? Doflamingo can’t be dead right? RIGHT?

It’s one of those, too good to be true moments. Now I have seen a few theories flying about as to how this is possible. The first one was, STRINGS! Doffy will use strings to reattach his head to his body… I don’t know who you think he is but I doubt he’s anything like Machi from Hunter x Hunter. She deals with Nen Strings and can rejoin a broken limb through hours of stitching by connecting each and every fibre, tendon and nerve. So yeah, that’s not going to be happening here. Doflamingo ain’t that talented…

Theory Number 2: Trafalgar Law uses Room! Now this theory could be possible as a room would allow his head to decapitate without actually killing him. Could be used as a bargaining chip for something else. Now Law is apparently handcuffed with sea-stone but that guy is one slippery bastard so it could be possible he used the same trick he used against Caesar Clown and replaced the cuffs with duds. I would still think he would rather have Doflamingo dead… Unless, there is information that he requires from Doflamingo. That’s the only thing I can see that could make this theory viable.

The final theory that I liked was Pika creating a stone statue of Doflamingo and replacing him. I mean he controls the castle and we saw him disappear from sight against Zoro so it is possible considering we don’t really know to what extent his power works. The thing is, we see no blood fly out. If you decapitate, there should be blood. At least squirts of blood if not ‘Kill Bill’ style fountains.

Luffy actually questions this… “Is Mingo Dead?” just as Gladius arrives up the stairs to find them. Luffy decides now is the time to rush out and rescue Law. Things can definitely heat up now. Can you imagine the reaction we are going to get from the Donquixote Pirates now that the ‘Young Master’ has been decapitated. I can’t even imagine.

* * *

We then switch to the Colosseum for the final moments of both the chapter and the tournament fight. I say this because the fight will no longer be taking part in the actual Colosseum, courtesy of our brother from another mother… SABO!

We have Diamante cursing Trebol for his uselessness, Rebecca crying as she finally remembers he father and pandemonium in the stands with everybody leaving, thanks to toys turning into beasts.

Sabo speaks as if he had an idea what was going on at Dressrosa, claiming Rebecca was a puppet in all of this. He then claims everything has a core, including the Colosseum. much to Bartolomeo’s confusion. Next thing you know, he hakify’s his hands and sticks them into the ground and then we had a KABOOM!

The whole Colosseum breaks into pieces!

DRAGON-CLAW-FIST BREATH! Now that’s what I call a bad-ass move! THIS GUY IS STRONG! As expected of Luffy and Ace’s Brother!

Diamante is fuming! Burgess is shocked! Everybody is like WTF did he just do?

Sabo’s ready to win this!!!

We finish up with Koala speaking to Hack informing him Sabo is headed for the basement. This has just got so much more interesting!

Overall this chapter was BEYOND AWESOME! It was one of those SPECIAL CHAPTERS! We had not one, not two but THREE!


I know, not a real redraw but i wanted a clean version of the screenshot, something i can use as a new wallpaper, cause wow do i like his expression here. 
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This is what I felt like whilst reading this chapter!

And how Doffy is probably feeling… xD