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This Chapter was GOOOOD!


Done, Dusted, that was easy… Now time to get back to League!




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This weeks chapter continues directly from last weeks, where it was revealed that Naruto was the Successor of Ashura.

Surprise! Surprise!

Truth be told I was genuinely surprised to hear that Naruto wasn’t the successor of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths. It was kind of a low blow for me but it fits perfectly as it was foreshadowed.

Fact is that even Naruto figured he had Ashura’s chakra inside of him. Argh I never thought there’d be a day where I’d get outsmarted by Naruto but what the heck I’ll roll with it.


This week we find out who the successor of Indra, is and this should be a no brainer. its Sasuke! A very anticlimactic revelation but then again it was predictable because of last weeks chapter.




Before Naruto and Sasuke, Hashirama and Madara were the successors of Ashura and Indra. Predictable but it has been foreshadowed ever since Toby revealed it so I see no reason to complain.



Now here is where this chapter goes from Meh to Amazing!!! Madara is the Ultimate Peace Maker. Confusing right? Yes! but in his quest for Absolute Power! he has distorted the Chain of Rivalry between the Sage’s Sons. Instead of dying as the successor of Indra and continuing the cycle of hate. Madara transcended beyond Indra’s chakra, fusing his own chakra with Hashirama’s Ashura chakra and evolved far beyond them and tapped the power of the Sage himself. So ultimately Madara changed sasuke’s destiny and became the bridge to peace by uniting Ashura (Naruto), Indra (Sasuke) and the Shinobi Nations.

Damn Karma’s a Bitch!

Kudos Madara, Kudos! Now we will never see the Final Fight between Naruto and Sasuke. Sigh!

Some could also say Madara is the child of the prophecy as he will provide the means of peace to the world.

We later find out that Indra and his successors anticipated a family would come who would seek ultimate power. This was written it on the Uchiha Tablet.

Was it a Warning?

The meaning  had become vague. In the end, the knowledge on the tablet led to Madara’s Power Lust and in essense was the cause of his Demise!



Yes the above does imply that Kaguya became corrupt with power which led her to become the death reaper now for my prediction. I think that Kaguya was sealed by her two sons as the corruption completely changed her persona and she manifested into the Chakra Chakra No Mi Tree. Thus Leading Kaguya  to become the Death Reaper and the Power inside of her to be the 10 Tailed Juubi.

Just Saying!

As I continued reading the chapter….this is what i pictured


Soo let me get this straight,

Naruto = Neo,

Sasuke = Trinity 

Madara = Agent Smith

I was like…


I had a hunch the Infinite Tsukuyomi was kind of like the Matrix… but with Ninja’s!

Im calling it now Sasuke DIES!

Madara’s true intentions have finally surfaced. Madara doesn’t just want to settle with the power of the Sage, but that equal to the Sage’s Mother, Kaguya!

Sheesh all that for a pair of useless Byakugan’s

But that aside its crazy how Kaguya had two sons and one of them branched out to form the Hyuuga Clan. Now Naruto can have Demonic looking children with Hinata that resemble Kaguya. SCARY!




Now the Time has Finally Come!

Ever since Naruto met the tailed beasts, I have been dying to know what they entrusted him with!!! I know it was a portion of their chakra but for what purpose.  In combination to the fact that Naruto has the chakra of one tails and the 8 tails just screams AMAZING POWER UP!

The Sage leaves Naruto with one Final question.

After this battle is over, What would you seek?


Naruto’s response was truly Awesome!

It just shows how far he’s come and seeing this makes me all teary. #Naruto4Hokage

If the chapter had ended there I’d be satisfied but this week Kishimoto went the extra mile and did he deliver!



As predictable as Kishimoto can be, I’m sure to say this got a lot of readers into a FRENZY.

As the Sage asked for Naruto’s resolve we get an Extremly Effective Plot Twist. This whole time the Sage had also been chatting with and he asked him the same question he asked Naruto.

Seriously Kishimoto ARGH!!!

This whole time I have yet to forgive Sasuke for his mistakes but you get this one chance to show us Sasuke true intentions and you hold out!


I guess all we can do is wait for Kishimoto to reveal what was said so the rest of the fandom can finally forgive Sasuke.

Predctions – I believe since Sasuke’s last encounter with his beloved brother Itachi, he has taken an oath to carry on Itachi’s Will. If that is the Case…


So Sasuke too is getting a power-up. Im calling it now he gets the Byakugan can you imagine HAHAHA! That would actually be hilarious.

Now its time to add some Philosophical depth to this chapter. What I really loved about this is that the Sage accepts his mistake of choosing a successor. I felt as though from last weeks chapter, that the Sage was a Douche of a Father. He should have known what his decision could lead to thus making both his Son’s equal successors. They could have shared Ninshuu and spread peace together. 


Ultimately the Sage has learnt from his past mistake and entrusted his son Indra(who now resides in Sasuke), by giving him the responsibility of restoring peace with his Brother Ashura. Just as the Sage and his brother did against their Mother The JUUBI.

This leads me to believe that Naruto and Sasuke will both become Hokage which is Awesome!!!


 Both Naruto and Sasuke extend their hands, creating the new Bridge to Peace.


What an Awesome way to end the Chapter! Can any of you guys see the Yin and Yang of the Taijitu symbol on each Hand (Õ)_(Õ)

But we aren’t done yet…



Guy sensei has gone from a Jonin to a God. Going toe to toe with Madara is just surreal. Some how seeing Madara in this state is truely satisfying and the art is beautifully drawn. It really amplifies the struggle and the fun them two are having. 

Truly Epic!!!

Predications for next week chapter… This is what the Night Moth will accomplish


I can’t Wait

Let me know your thoughts and predictions below.

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